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I thought Cohen was funny during the real early Ali-G stuff, mainly because I was living in the UK at the time and it took the piss out of them. Now its just gotten so jewy and "he just tries too hard".

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I feel you but looking back on the character of Ali G... it's just (((Cohen))) mocking working class young British men.

I just rewatched 'this is spinal tap' recently as I always found that movie funny growing up. It still has a lot of funny stuff in it to be sure... but with my new eyes I saw something different... The whole movie is (((Rob Reiner))) mocking bands and culture that ostensibly represented white youth in Britain at the time... much the same as Cohen. Its important that we understand how these things are subversive.

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I don't mind a good mocking if it's funny, which I believe Spinal Tap was. You should be able to laugh at yourself and the world around you. But so much of the humor today isn't mocking, it's just negative and hateful...and not even funny.

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First off, how can you believe that any machine can detect pedophiles, much less a hand-held one? Does he also believe there are machines that can detect people's sexuality?

Second, how much support can an Alabama Supreme Court Justice actually give to a foreign country?

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I seriously doubt they gave him any warning of what they were about to do. If they'd told him in advance "we're going to imply you're a sexual predator" he obviously wouldn't have scheduled the interview.

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Lots of people believe that a machine can detect sexuality. Here is a draft of a paper for a machine that was able to do just that: https://osf.io/fk3xr/

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pdf warning

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mfw the left are STILL trying to claim that relations between a 16y/o and an adult are PEDOphilic (pedophilia is the attraction to PRE-PUBESCENT children - a 16y/o is NOT prepubescent) - while at the same time wanting to lower the age of consent to 16.

So I guess the left are trying to legalize pederasty then? I mean, they're saying sex with a 16 y/o is PEDOphilic.

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I watched that some of that show and these people deserve it for not being able to pick up that it was satire from the very first second. I don't want people this retarded to hold political office, it's literally unbelievable how stupid they are and how he can get away with this. I suggest checking out the show, you'll be shocked at the stupidity.

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It seemed to me and I don know this but he used his israeli background to persuade people in those positions.

They seem to literally be subservient to anything israeli.

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I don't know if you watch this show but it was extremely blatantly obvious that he was in costume and full of shit. Try to watch some of it, it's truly an utterly unbelievable that they fell for it. The stuff he gets people to do is just crazy stuff that any normal person would never go along with. These politicians are not normal people.

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Good, hope he wins.

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he should demand a non-jewish judge if he wants a fair trial.

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Chag Sameach Borat, Chag Shamaech is a jewish phrase meaning happy holidays. Every time borat makes you laugh he takes the piss out of you first for being an ignorant goy

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The Kike cunt couldn't get Moore to say anything stupid. He couldn't trick him into doing anything stupid so he resorted to a disgusting tactic to paint Moore a as a Pedo and sex offender in a way that Moore couldn't do much about.

Honestly if i was Moore i would have punched him directly in the face. I want to see more people punching establishment narrative building cunts in the face.

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