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Pretty sure Kaczvnski was on point philosophically.

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Gonna reply again. While contemporary angles supports this part:

Censorship is always an attempt to hide a crime. ALWAYS.

I don't think it is always. Maybe 90% you are right. Sometimes it is to protect children. Sometimes it is to maintain tradition. For example, censoring homos and trans is a good thing, particularly from children.

Edit: Unless you are some kind of hedonist anarchist. But I don't want that world.

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you are right and aren't, at the same time.

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I don't agree completely with what you are saying, but I just watched "The Big Short." Fairly good movie until some libtard shit at the end. What I liked that coincides with what you just wrote is this:

Truth is like poetry. And most people hate poetry.

Ha ha.

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His books (Anti-Tech Revolution and Industrial Society and its Future) are both very logical and neat, even if you don't agree with all of his conclusions. Plus his manifesto has a bomb-ass cover.

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Someone make a poster with seth rich

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Just do it ... yourself.

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This is a great idea!

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Uncle Ted did nothing wrong.

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Industrial Society and its Future: The psychology of modern leftism


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This is exactly what I thought of when seeing that stupid slogan. Lots of dangerous people have used that justification.

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Or just Photoshop Trump in there too.

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Yeah God used it.

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What does Ted Kaczynski and any muslim girl have in common?

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The real /v/funny is always in the comments.

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Did you read that guys thing? I did. It MAKES SENSE.

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