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All American Clothing Co.

They started the company in response to the out sourcing of American Denim to Bangladesh and Mexico.

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Oh my goodness! How have I not heard of them? Thanks! https://www.allamericanclothing.com

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Guess I know where I'm buying cloths from now, never heard of them thanks.

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thank you

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Expensive as fuck though

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Be the Boss you always wanted to be;


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Still the classiest looking uniforms ever.

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Who the hell wears jeans? It never made sense to me to wear blue pants everywhere for almost every occasion...

Fun fact- Levi Strauss is the number one filer of trademark infringement cases in the apparel industry. Their stitching pattern on the butt of the pants is trademarked. They sue about 8 times a year.

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One of the best posts on the subject, thus far. /\

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What do you wear?

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Depending on what I’m doing, It’s a rotation between golf pants, docker slacks, dickies work pants, sometimes tactical pants.

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Jeans are for boomers

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Yea I wear cargo pants.

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are those considered office casual? my office actually lets us wear jeans I wonder if I can get away with cargo pants

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And people who do physical activities. Jeans are just tough and last a,long,time

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Ass-end of GenX and I wear jeans. I think you guys just call anyone over 13 a boomer.

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Was going to say Wranglers, but I looked at the website and it's so pozzed that I need to mainline penicillin and anti-retrovirals now.

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Might want to try lucky brand.. they are decent.. this is when someone tells me lucky brand is owned by levi straus or some shit thats going to piss me off and make me burn all my jeans.

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Lucky Jeans was bought by Leonard Green and Partners

They invest heavily in








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my wife bought lucky for me

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Well, Mr. Fancy Pants, I guess you are rich or are just willing to send most of your disposable income on jeans, considering Hugo Boss jeans cost like 150 - 250 dollars. They are like Diesel jesns or any of the other designer brands. They look good, sure, but I’m personally not willing to spend that much on casusl clothes anymore.

I’ll probably buy some Lee jeans instead.

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I've been wearing Lucky Brand for years. Now, though they've started going to shit. Can't seem to find another brand that fits as good and lasts as long.

Looks like these All American Clothing jeans maybe a good store to check out.

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