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Watch this for the truth about the Trayvon Martin case.

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Holy shit.

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Excellent share, thank you.

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Awesome vid. Thanks!

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That was excellent

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At least it has a happy ending.

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Can’t flim flam the Zim Zam.

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Can't simmer the Zimmer.

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I have no idea what this means but I will use it the rest of my life.

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Of course that cocksucker Jamie Foxx would play the dad. He jumps at any opportunity to "send a message."

Cocksucker ruined Law Abiding Citizen by demanding his shitty character turns out to be the "good guy."

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I hated that movie for that reason. It made no sense. It’s smashing two completely different movies together like all the different colors of play doh until you end up with a muddy brown nigger mess. It’s like watching Die Hard, but 10 minutes after the terrorists take over the tower, John McClane unceremoniously kills Hans Gruber and spends the rest of the movie hunting and killing everyone else in the tower because reasons and only Sgt Al, who was introduced halfway through the movie can stop him.

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I didn't know that, only that he ruins movies. He's in the only Tarantino film I couldn't watch til the end.

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man, they forgot the 'sudden struggle' twist where the filthy white hippies force him to inject a marijuanas and he trips balls for a month straight ending up waking up in a hospital missing half of his face.

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Wonder how many shootings there will be at the film premiere.

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Black-on-black shootings? Well, divide the number of attendees by two...

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Trayvons dad didn't even wonder where he was until the next morning. The cops finally were able to contact him. A kid suspended from school for having burglary tools and weed. Out all night while Daddy was busy getting drunk and chasin that pussy.

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right? Tre Tre was on suspension from school and his dad took him with him to his girlfriends condo for the weekend. At least he knew he couldn't leave the little thug home alone. He did not however either know or care that little Tre Tre was missing ALL NIGHT! Wont see that on the MSM will we? Also the community had been targeted by black burglars recently. Including an attempted home invasion.

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