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People are angry at the whole Kaepernick thing because it is not a valid Civil Rights movement. There is no injustice going on. If this were the case, all sorts of black doctors and reverends would be getting gunned down and most sane people would admit there is a problem. The people getting gunned down are avowed drug dealers and fucking morons who can't follow simple directions and shit talk cops. Imagine working as a cashier, having someone pull their trolley up, refuse to take their stuff out themselves, then shit talk the cashier. That's what dealing with black people is like.

And they wonder why no one likes them. But of course, Becky the Soccer Mom from the suburbs doesn't work, doesn't live around these idiots and has no idea what they're like, so she is "with Kaep" like the dumbass she is, until she goes jogging and finally gets red pilled for one minute before she gets "culturally enriched."

It's pathetic.

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The black doctors and reverends don't like those niggers either.

There's a reason why educated blacks like Ben Carson is a republican. Because he figured out the whole democrat neo-plantation slavery scam designed to keep blacks perpetually in poverty and nigger culture.

Lots of blacks are waking up and wearing maga hats.

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There is no injustice going on.

There was no "injustice" even back then.

A white refusing to associate with a nigger is not an injustice.

It is left redefining things to make people vote for them. They declare EVERYTHING that can be converted into a vote to be an injustice. Given enough slippery-slope time, a straight male refusing to fuck a tranny faggot in the asshole will infringe on the fag's "rights". Just wait.

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At least back then, people could side with the cause because the racism was defined.

Now, it's like, "Let our homies sell drugs, fight and shit or you racis!"

Fuck that.

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just go fuck yourself nike

get woke go broke

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Nike stands for "nigger kike".

It's created by kikes for niggers to wear.

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Haha. That is a good one. They won't ever get up either again. They'll go from kneeling to prostrating themselves like Muslims do.

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I actually laughed at that.

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"I was a businessman once, like yourself. Then I took a Kaepernick to the knee."

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I just can't believe it took this many decades for the rest of y'all to figure out Nike is scum.

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My cousin works for Nike with talent. He let them get away with murder, would never speak up to them. The company is a cult.

Never mind what you see on TV, most pro athletes are total pieces of shit.

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We need to stop making stupid people famous.

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There is a much bigger picture why Nike is siding with Kap and Levi is suddenly taking sides on the gun control debate. Neither could give two shits about those two issues.


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Taking a knee to the balls.

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