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I don’t have sources, but I’ve read that high rates of inbreeding and the resulting birth defects and mental retardation are a huge issue in countries where Islam is widely practiced.

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perhaps that's why they're all retards.

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That goes hand in hand with goat humping and incest. Then again it is part of their "culture" that we, the ignorant kuffar no nothing of. They win the full retard award - every, fucking time!

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"Inbreeding rates per country"

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Look op Pakistani birth defect rates in the UK, you'll be shocked!

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It's everywhere in the Muslim World. I know a girl born in Canada and her parents are 1st Cousins. After she finished school, her Grandfather tried to marry her off to a 2nd Cousin back home. Canada has free health-care. This is something they should not allow.

It is estimated that 20 percent of all couples worldwide are first cousins. It is also estimated that 80 percent of all marriages historically have been between first cousins!

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I can actually understand that back when we mostly lived in small villages herding cattle and such.

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keeping the blood line pure

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better than race-mixing whites

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Let's look at this from a practical standpoint. Let's say I looked like the dude in the picture. I'd be pretty happy to bag a girl that looks at least 7/10, even if she's my first cousin.

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Enjoy your retarded children

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Muslims, natures retards.

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All the inbreeding also lowers the IQ and predisposes the paki to violence.

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Ignorance is Strength.

Regression is Progressive.

Incest is Enrichment.

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The ruling class of Europe Africa the Middle East America literally planet wide,have all kept it in the family,this is why in some countries you can indeed still marry your cousin because of course it had to be made law.

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Not the ruling class of Europe, actually. There were a few cases here and there, yes, but they were the exception and not the rule. Those are just the ones that get talked about the most (because they're strange and interesting), and because of that people just assume it was the norm.

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A few cases are you joking or fooling yourself?

And we'll done someone outplaying a newbee and shutting down my other account on signin.

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When your IQ is so low that you don't understand that marrying your sister/cousin/relative will make you even more retarded. Enter Muslims. Maybe the africans can fill them in.

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LMAO you think sister/cousin is at all comparable, so you clearly have a deep grasp on the subject.

why do low-IQ faggots like you even bother to comment? seriously, answer

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Go fuck yourself and learn how to read, your father obviously married his sister and you are the result. Thats your answer faggot. Back to Plebbit retard.

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that's a great idea, they can retard themselves out of exsistance.

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