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REEEEEALLY popular with black dudes.

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I've asked a few black guys why they like fat White girls. They all tell me that a fat White girl is more desirable than a good looking black girl. They tell me that fatties don't yell at them all the time and don't expect them to buy them shit all the time.

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Plus they suck dick like a vacuum

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Because it is usually only fat white women are willing to lower their standards that much

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Goddam that's sexy... You don't need to be a nigger to appreciate getting in between those hammy legs. I'd crack that back like a row of firecrackers... Bend that ass over and load it like a shotgun... I wanna boldly go James T. Kirk on dat big ass... Shiiit, white boys, y'all been watchin' too much fuking TV if you believe THAT chick can't fuck you into next week...

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...Aaannd the jewniggerfaggot rears it's ugly head. Hey asshole, why not go over to the steam room where nigger Richard can take care of you? He sez he's well accomplished at putting the root on squealy faggots like you...

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TheCool, I can't figure out if it's more depressing if you get paid to post this shit, or if it's more depressing for you to autistically post this shit for free.

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The fact being called racist is a compliment shows how dumb of a shill you actually are.

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Go back to plebbit cuntface.