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I understand Big Pharma's position here though, they're a for-profit enterprise operating in a capitalist structure, it's their right to sell you things. What I don't understand is our medical system. Physicians earn doctorates degrees; their schooling teaches them how to diagnose disease but their studies of pharmaceutical medicine is very limited. Pharmacists earn doctorates degrees too; their schooling focuses primarily on pharmaceutical medicines, but whenever I ask them if they think I actually need the medicine I was prescribed they tell me that that is the doctor's decision to make. On what plane of existence is it ok for the person with less knowledge of the subject to be an authority over the person with more knowledge of the subject? Would we not be better off letting physicians diagnose a disease and decide whether it should be treated physically or chemically, then, if the decision is to treat chemically, allow the pharmacists to prescribe the necessary medicine and inform the physician of their choice? Because no one can, with all honesty, say the current system is to the patient's benefit, all it does is allow doctors with limited knowledge of the drugs to just over-prescribe with the cringe worthy, yet commonly accepted and even standardized, "trial and error" approach while the pharmacists with a PharmD gets paid over $100k to count to 30 over and over. I don't get it.


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Because they get paid from Big Pharma for pushing pills. They're also afraid of malpractice because they won't give Suzy her happy pills. So they do.

It's really that simple.


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The problem isn't with Big Pharma then, it's their job to make money. Physicians and pharmacists both take oaths to improve healthcare, but then all that happens after graduatuon is physicians pushing pills and cashing checks while pharmacists run their pharmacy like a McDonald's. The blame is clearly on them here.