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And if you actually had such a sign, the judicial system would probably screw you over for it in the same way having a colorful rifle would: by implicating you in taking levity in killing, implying that you're guilty of more than the self-defense you're accused of.

If you tell the truth, be ready to defend it with everything you have. Because you will have to.

Otherwise, lie.

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Some places are pretty strict about verbiage. "No trespassing" needs to be displayed clearly, for example. I'm not sure this sign would hold up to legal bullshittery.

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Thats why you shoot to kill so that your story is the only one and you atlest have a chance.

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First of all... Just want to point out. Lemon11 is giving you some VERY GOOD advice. Don't own a pink fucking gun. Don't own a gun with a skull embossed on it. Unless, you want to challenge that notion. If you do I salute you and you are a brave person.

However, We need all of you we can get. So mayhaps you could play it a LITTLE cool, low key at this point in history. You may be sorely needed later. Not in a prison cell ready for execution or starvation.

Also, you are advertising you have potentially valuable easy to carry items in your home. Everyone should own guns. No one should advertise it.

Shit, do you want the government knowing you own a gun? If ya do...your an idiot. Now...do you want Tyrone to? Again, if you do. You're an idiot.

A beware of Dog sign is FAR more effective.

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In my country of origin there are similar signs around military bases. There are signs that say that if you stop your car you will be shot, but that is never really enforced.

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The signs are in place so that if the need ever does arise, well there was a warning sign.

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I once accidentally got off on the wrong freeway exit and was swiftly let that be known by some military guys with rifles pointed at me.

Turns out they had a nuclear weapons stockpile nearby.

Thankfully they let me get back on the road and get on my way, but I sure as fuck never made that mistake again.

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I parked in front of a none descript building with a fence around it right next to a river and the main road so I could look for a place to stop and eat, it pretty much looked abandoned, after about 5 minutes a blackout suv pulls up in front of me and just sits there watching me, I gtfo real quick.

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Chicago enforces that rule.

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HaHa right said

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Growing up we had a sign that said, "Pitbull on Duty". Needless to say, around us, our property was the only one that did not get robbed.

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i hate those fucking syncophants fawning over these fatties in every picture.

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I need something like that.