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You guys will never figure out memes.

  1. You're not smart enough.

  2. You just used a white family, the primary object of your derision, as the poster family for your Meme. You don't get it. You spend your time telling us how this man is evil because he is white.

  3. This Christmas Movie from the 50's is not relevant. You guys are the banker who gets run out of town in the end.

  4. Paul Manafort has done just as much work for the Democrats as he has for Republicans. His crimes were unrelated to Trump altogether. You're too fucking stupid to realize that.

  5. Just stop. Or we'll stop you. We're fucking sick of your lies and distortions. FUCKING SICK OF YOU PEOPLE AND YOUR BULLSHIT.

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Good grief.

How did these retards ever seize power?

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A lie travels half way around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.

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how can you tell when a liberal lies? Easy! Its CNN! All they do is lie!

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Why you show a picture of an ideal American family on a meme?

I think I know the movie it was made from... Ahh, yes! It's the one about this guy who decides not to study abroad, and stays home to fight against a greedy investment banker who is bent on enslaving his whole town. Kinda like Trump is the main character and Soros is the villain, right?

Great choice in meme photos! But why plaster that utter bullshit at the top? Memes' REAL power comes from tucking truth into them.... you KNOW this, don't you?

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0/10 mate. git gud.