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Granny would have been far better at Jeff's job than Jeff is. She was a feisty one who had no problem using her shotgun to bring justice and keep the peace. With Granny as the head of the DOJ this country would be a better place.

[–] edistojim 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

Granny was obviously smarter. Probably more honest too.

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Funny how an innocent comparison like this got Rosanne fired.

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Dag-nabbit! Fetch my shotgun, Jethro - some varmints need a-shootin!

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Gosh granny, I was hopin to hold em under the see-ment pond until they stop a kickin!

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As much as I want to like this guy. Jeff Sessions has not been the Attorney General that this country needs right now.

Can anyone understand why, or is it in this guy's nature to try to balance a rocky boat, rather than let the overweight fall off?

[–] freshmeat 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 

this is the greatest scandal in the history of the US that Trump entered into exposing. there is no precedent and Sessions can't make drastic moves yet while public opinion is so low, coicedentally reinforced by the anti-Trump/Sessions shills all over Voat trying to disrupt his support base. Trump picked sessions for a reason.

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Trump picked sessions for a reason.

That's what I believe. I hope you are right.

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Humans are incredible sometimes - whoever spotted this is on that list:)

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Wish this was Trump making left go on record supporting sessions before an axe falls. Like he did with that respect the election results.

That may have been an accident and I'm certainly not betting on sleepy jeff. I think this is Trump letting us know and laying groundwork to get him out!.

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