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I love cooking and cleaning.

[–] Deplorablepoetry 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

I like things clean and I’m not very good at cooking.....

Pretty sure this makes us husband and wife!

How many babies should we make?


We should make nine babies.

I will name four of them, you name the other five..., oh, not to be too demanding, no retards please...

Our first girl will be named Fidelity.

Our second girl will be named Serenity

Third sister’s name is Pride

First boy gets named Englebert Humperdinck fuckmonster the first......., he’s gonna be tough or dead real fast...

You get to name the other five....., and nofucking abortions!!!

...unless you like Abortion as a name...........? I kinda like it?

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Too bad you have a dick! Stop pretending to be a woman! No one falls for it in real life and they aren't falling for it here either MAN!

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1.9 hours?