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How is it so hard to take 1-2 items out of the car with you? There's trash cans everywhere. At least they don't just dump it on the street or roadside, so there's that.


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Dude I go crazy about this. People who just treat their cars like a trash can drive me insane. I might just be an orderly person but having a mess surrounding me makes me bonkers. I also think its embarrassing if anyone else has to be in my car. Call me a judgmental prick, but I think the same about living spaces. If I am seeing a girl, the way her place looks is one of the first flags I look for. She could appear to have "it all together" when you meet her outside, but if I find a bedroom or bathroom that is just fucking filthy, I know it's not going anywhere.

I had a buddy growing up who had this exact situation with his car though. You hated being in the situation you were riding with him. You couldn't see the floor on the passenger side. I can remember sitting in the seat and my feet just resting on top of bottles and cans. When he said he had to move a few things, he'd take his entire forearm and sweep the passenger seat off onto the floor in front of it. I mean, at least the clothes on my ass weren't sitting on trash for the ride, so there's that. He was the hippie musician type though, so I guess it kind of just fit with his whole bohemian thing and no one really second guessed it.