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I've hammered my wife with it so much she finally broke down and created an account here.

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She's not alone. /u/MrsOyVeytheGoyimKnow did the same thing. I knew we wouldn't last unless she understood why I'm so crazy. Thus, a metaphorical ass raping of redpills ensued. Without lube. Eventually she learned to hate the Jew as much as I do. Perhaps more.

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My gf is still ignorant to a lot of it. She's quickly learning from me, but unfortunately would rather consume her Jewish media than think about the world.

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Haha, similar story. Got my parents to finally start looking on here and avoid the trash that is reddit lol

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Ron Paul 2012!

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How my GF must feel haha

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Every damn night for mine

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This is funny.

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A very rare post in this verse.

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She looks like a jew..

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We literally have tens of thousands of eye witnesses and an actual video of the plane hitting the tower.

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7 not 1 or 2

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Diagram for referance: http://www.wtc7.net/docs/7graph.gif

No plane or debris hit it, it was standing one moment and them suddenly falls straight down the next.

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Question: What's the point? Why bother faking an airline crash and hijacking AND setting up your own explosives? It makes far more sense to either: A) just plant the explosives and claim terrorists did it or B) maneuver some young Akbars into hijacking some planes for you and crashing them into the tower. Trying to combine both of these into one is far more complicated than it needs to be, and leaves much more room for exposure. It makes NO SENSE that someone could be simultaneously careful enough to set up this entire scheme in the shadows while simultaneously being so stupid that his plan is so needlessly convoluted. I don't see the logical train of thought, so I can't bring myself to believe it.

A far more likely scenario imo: FBI/homeland knew about the Al-Qaeda plot beforehand, but chose not to stop it and help it along a little because it fell in line with their plans.

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I've heard there was supposed to be a fire inside. Very convenient because it housed all sorts of files that needed to disappear.

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Because video and eye witnesses can't be faked. Do you remember all the video of witnesses who said it wasn't commercial planes that hit the twin towers? I member...

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We literally have tens of thousands of eye witnesses

Assuming it were real, I'd be amazed if you could round up a hundred who actually saw it happen, not just happened to be in the city that day and claimed they saw it happen. There were tens of thousands of people around, but people usually don't look up at tall buildings until after something noteworthy happens.

and an actual video of the plane hitting the tower

So what? I've an actual video of the USS enterprise doing battle with Khan in the Mutara nebula.

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Holy fuck yes! I showed this to my wife and she laugh and laughed.... and cried a bit.... she's starting to accept that Israel is the new Nazi Germany and we'll be fighting them in the next war. I've made great progress.

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Wait... Nazi Germany was a good thing. Israel isn't. I don't understand the comparison.

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I would offer up the argument that if Nazi Germany was a good thing then why did they lose? Hitler did more harm than good to Germany. These are both undeniable facts. Just like the fact that Israeli is guilty of a growing list of war crimes and other atrocities. They still won't comment on how all those bodies of Haitian kids ended up in those Israeli landfills.

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Israel pill->Jew Pill->NatSoc pill

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and we'll be fighting them in the next war

More like fighting the next war for them :/

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Israel is not "the new Nazi Germany".... wtf dude. So far off. You've learned nothing from voat.

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If he learned anything, he'd explained her that not Israel, but WE will be "the new Nazi Germany", and that 1930s history will repeat itself in every detail except that in contrast to Nazi Germany we will have nukes, aircraft carriers, and space marines and instead of fighting pozzed Bolshevik Soviet Russia, we will be allies with redpilled Orthodox Christian Russia.

Also we will fucking WIN.

Deus Vult.

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She is probably attached to the red cord on the board...It will all make sense and you are definitely tied into just let me finishhhhh!!

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