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How do you expect people to act when they are brought over to a country and before they even get there they're told they're going to be given free food, housing and education? They're told if they want a job they will be given that too and if they don't then they'll be put on the Dole. They arrive and they get all those things. Then they're treated above the law in many ways. To make it all worse, they're bombarded with anti-white propaganda everyday. What kind of adult are you going to create by handing them everything, not making them work and not making them suffer the consequences of any bad decisions? We could compare this to a lot of women in the West, rich kids, etc. You can't give people anything and expect any long term benefits out of that, to the person or to society. You can only give people opportunities. A hand up, some will take it and others won't. A hand out, you're just going to attract a lot of stray dogs.

At this point the Western world is like the crazy cat lady's house. She takes great care of 1 or 2 cats. Then she has 7. Then she has 30 cats in a house. It's a shithole. All the cats are fucked up and she just keeps feeding them, taking more in and letting them have all the kids they want. The cats she started with or dead or in horrible health. She suffers, the cats she had suffers and all the news cats she's taking in eventually start to live in conditions that rival or even worse than where they came from.


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At this point the Western world is like the crazy cat lady's house.

What a great analogy.


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They've got affluenza from living on our scraps? God bless 'em it's almost cute.


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That's a great way to show America is objectively better than Africa or Dirtfarmistan or wherever. Their country is so bad, they get spoiled living on our scraps.