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How do you expect people to act when they are brought over to a country and before they even get there they're told they're going to be given free food, housing and education? They're told if they want a job they will be given that too and if they don't then they'll be put on the Dole. They arrive and they get all those things. Then they're treated above the law in many ways. To make it all worse, they're bombarded with anti-white propaganda everyday. What kind of adult are you going to create by handing them everything, not making them work and not making them suffer the consequences of any bad decisions? We could compare this to a lot of women in the West, rich kids, etc. You can't give people anything and expect any long term benefits out of that, to the person or to society. You can only give people opportunities. A hand up, some will take it and others won't. A hand out, you're just going to attract a lot of stray dogs.

At this point the Western world is like the crazy cat lady's house. She takes great care of 1 or 2 cats. Then she has 7. Then she has 30 cats in a house. It's a shithole. All the cats are fucked up and she just keeps feeding them, taking more in and letting them have all the kids they want. The cats she started with or dead or in horrible health. She suffers, the cats she had suffers and all the news cats she's taking in eventually start to live in conditions that rival or even worse than where they came from.

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At this point the Western world is like the crazy cat lady's house.

What a great analogy.

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They've got affluenza from living on our scraps? God bless 'em it's almost cute.

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That's a great way to show America is objectively better than Africa or Dirtfarmistan or wherever. Their country is so bad, they get spoiled living on our scraps.

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Honestly this is why I love the USA.

This nigger would have been shot. End of story. One less nigger.

On the flip side of the coin, hundreds of niggers would be out the next day rioting because this one got what it deserved.

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The US has become so sensitive to mudslimes blacks and spics. He should be shot but I don’t even think our police would have shot him since the media and the left all cry out if you shoot any brown or black nigger.

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North africans

The most hysterically retarded race on earth, spoiled child syndrome the like of which you don't see anywhere else

They really are that fucked up, not all, but this in the vid, this hysterical behavior, god of the earth syndrome, I've seen it a couple of times

I think this comes from two factors, retarded religion and race/ inbreeding producing unstable individuals with mental issues aside

1) They are raised as king of the earth, the men, like they are superior to the sisters and even the mother, they are raised with the idea that they are naturally superior to all women, and all men that aren't muslim. That's how it starts in life, you achieved nothing you're the top, you failed at everything you're still the top. Not all are raised like that but that's a rather common pattern producing that sort of results

2) Frustration. The religion for a start, it's super frustrating, it's mostly a list of prohibited stuffs and duties. And then you have the sexual frustration, coming from the religion but not only, social losers don't score much especially when they are fucking morons to begin with like this guy, and bufffuck ugly. Many are a crossover between a kike and a nigger, aesthetically. It usually sucks to be an arab overall, nobody would choose to be an arab if they could, it's politically incorrect but that's a reality. Would you want to be that guy? No of course not, it would be like eating shit with mayonnaise every day for the rest of your life, nobody wants that.

And yeah, social frustration, most are fucking retards and social losers, and the worst part si that when they get a little power, a little of social status, not all but many abuse it, it's even worse, they aren't humble, I would dare to say that, it's often even worse than a rich nigger, which tells you something

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Muslims are the last people I'd want driving in my country, let alone using seat belts when doing it.

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I got a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt once. The cop looked right in my window at me and pulled me over, I thought at the time he was looking at my seatbelt but now I know he was looking at my white skin. Fucking asshole.

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Lmao.... You know shit just got real when the cops talk about laying a complaint.

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Lol. Hilarious on many levels.

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“[animalistic screaming]”

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