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Consequences? Will they ever be the same?

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Whoa whoa whoa... You guyz are all rwported to the awthwarities! I mean it this time, you guyz are fwaked! Lol, who does this clown think he is? Been battling him for months, no telling how many repwarts are in on me... Lmfao!

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But seriously, I think that guy has mental problems.

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Way to be incapable of substantiating any of your claims, dipshit.

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Reminder that OP is a clinically psychotic shill who openly admits to editing posts to artificially manipulate the narrative.

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he posted in both threads as damage control! hahahahaha!

Everyone should read the entire image, and not just what he highlighted. Comedy fucking gold.

EDIT: Here's @Tallest_Skil admitting to being a shill that abuses the report button!