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Look at those fuckin' noses.

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"When the nose looks like a 6 then watch your six." - unknown

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An owl and a toucan.

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Ever watch ‘bearing sea gold’?

They have a wench on there with a giant honker.., I call her ‘Toucan Emily’

Edit: toucan Sam and toucan Emily lay an egg together.

How many rainbows will fit on the offsprings beak?

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Can't hide the hook.

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Question, how far can one's nose reach inside one's fat ass?

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That depends on how many lies one has told.

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So brave! So beautiful!

Does your aunt raise rabbits? Ask her if they're pets or meat.

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No, but she does own a Forester and brings her two golden retrievers to the lake every weekend. .

edit: Reminds me of this little gem

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man i went to canberra a few years back and every man and his fucking dog between the snowy mountains and canberra had one of these. seriously it was like the only fuckin car dealer anywhere on the monaro plains was subaru.

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The one on the left looks like Michael Moore

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Nothing gets past you, does it?

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OP stated it as a photo of his aunt and life partner. Fat people can appear androgynous and I thought it was a fat woman that looked like a man, Michael Moore. I'm not sure if I'm missing some Aunty based joke.

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And the one on the right looks kinda like Bill Maher. Crazy

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Wow I didn't notice!

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Dude, your aunt is a kyke dyke.

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Thought this was reddit for moment...

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those are some fugly diesels

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It’s very rare to see so much fugly in one mere picture.

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that much deceitful hypocrisy

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Years ago, back before Democrats went total gun bans and openly hating whites, back before we saw the results of NAFTA and all the private prison legislation the Clinton's passed, I used to watch Michael Moore's films. Funny, he was always making himself out to be white. He would throw in some non-whites in his film but usually as the heros. He would place 98% of all blame for everything on whites. He always had this line of entitlement in his movies about Detroit and other problems, as if people were OWED a job. You are OWED this. While a lot of the things he said were true (many weren't) he would ignore all the problems the unions caused and he would ignore the destruction of Detroit and it's failed economic repair was caused largely by Democrats. He would hyper focus on anything a white Republic did, despite the robbery of Detroit after its factories closed was almost exclusively committed by Democratic politicians. Of course, Michael Moore is sometimes white and sometimes Jewish, just as Bill Maher is sometimes white and sometimes jewish. It is obvious what they both are in this photo. One reason I do respect Maher is that he has yet to hop on the "all Muslims are saints" train. He does have some lines in the sand, white fat Michael just seems to have no ethical foundations at all and his moral foundation is like his body: a big, ever changing blob of jelly, that takes the shape of whatever container it is put in.

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Oven dodgers

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