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Good. I was upset when the LOTR memes faded away. This is a fantastic strategy

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The LOTR memes were amazing. I miss those

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Look, the poor demons had their city destroyed by white people!

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I see a Roth, a Cohen, a Levy, a Weinberg, a Silverstein and a Friedman...

New York City during the holidays...ain't Brooklyn beautiful?....

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So, I guess that makes President Trump the Doom Slayer

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I can't wait till they start porting doom memes into all society destroying behavior.

"My pronouns are: Hellspawne/Hellspawn/Hellspawns"

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You forgot Xhellspawn, it's not a list of pronouns if there isn't at least one that starts with an 'X'.

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Why did you post a Clinton family portrait?

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Canadian here. They make pretty shitty doctors and engineers.

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You're supposed to shut up and enjoy your cultural enrichment, goy!

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They make pretty shitty everything. That's why they left their homes in the first place. To get away from all the shit.

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No. I am a third worlder and I can confirm only the best get away. The worst stays there.

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So...I played the original Doom and I think this is funny as hell but is that an actual Jew or part of the joke?

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Recently the company showcased their new Doom game and the in-game host AI made a few cracks like:

Remember: ‘Demon’ can be an offensive term, refer to them as ‘mortally challenged’.

“My brothers and sisters, let’s help to make our friends transition into our world a comfortable one.

“[…] Earth is the melting pot of the universe.”

As expected, SJW's who don't have a sense of humor took to Twitter and all the other regular outlets for expressing rage at mundane topics to...express their rage over a few jokes.

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Holy shit, that is excellent marketing. You just made me want to buy a new game for the first time in over 5 years. The last time I actually spent money on a game is when I bought "rise of nations".

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Thank you.

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Hahaha makes me actually want to get back into gaming

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