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Real men use the right tool for the job.

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I honestly thought the image would have the punchline of some girl getting actually fisted, but I'll accept moldylocks getting socked as well.

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The bitch in the top photo looks like Anne Frank. Some call the Hans please, we have an oven dodger!

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I really do get a kick out of these morons sitting around taking pictures of their "clever" sayings on t-shirts and poster boards with their smug smiles and think they are making real change.

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Do they really want to make a change though? I think they are after a simple dopamine rush that comes from their "safe space" community giving praise for virtue signaling.

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They are true believers.

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Yeah but criminals use guns so I'm going to stick with my gun

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Criminals = government

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There is plunder. And then there is Legal Plunder.

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You can tell from the look on her face that she feels like she's getting away with something she knows is wrong. It's the look little kids get telling some other kid that they got them in trouble. If she really believed she was saving the world, she'd look proud, or maybe defiant, not smug.

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I would bet $20k that if two niglets were violently raping her and I walked up and said, "can I use my gun now?" she would emphatically scream yes. Then I'd walk away. The little slut should have had her own firearm, she was asking to get raped.

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Assuming she wouldnt enjoy it

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Nobody enjoys smelly nigger being pushed into them.

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Women cum when you rape them. They love it

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Ahh but then she might have meant "Fist-raped"....

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Problem is when your enemies aren't exactly "real men".

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