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Murphy's Law of Combat says, "If it's stupid and it works...it isn't stupid."

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Old IT story I heard somewhere online:

  1. Engineering has a windows box that is running a critical process.
  2. Process stops when the screensaver turns on and the user is locked out.
  3. IT won't let engineering turn off the screen saver and leave the windows unlocked. "Site security policy, no exceptions, etc."
  4. Engineering knows it's secure because it's in a locked room and they really don't want to fix the process.
  5. Solution: place the mouse on a baby vibrating seat. Problem solved.

edit: Think there was something else in the story about not being able to use a 3rd party mouse / keyboard script. Apparently, their IT had things really locked down ...

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I've done this with an analog watch. I later installed a program called "mouse move" and had better results.

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I'm guessing you set the mouse's optical sensor over the face of the watch? And the second hand tripped it every minute?

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I wrote my own with AutoIT

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There was a freeware program a while ago when this was a thing that you could customize to artificially induce a mouse input one pixel to the left every minute or so, so the screen saver never kicked on.

They weren't great fixes and made rebuilds take so many more steps, but I loved the days when little freeware utilities could be relied upon to make up for the failings of OSes in custom company applications. Weird how computers are so much more powerful now but the same solutions seem to be 20x as complicated.

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I like it. However I wrote a simple app that runs as a windows service that calls the send a mouse movement message to the windows queue every 2 mins. Effectively does the same thing and gets around the same problem.

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Easier and cleaner to use a boot CD to clear the admin password and then login and turn off the screensaver.

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Group policy may automatically re-enable the screensaver on next sync.

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Back in the day I had an original PlayStation that stopped working, and nothing seemed to be bringing it back. Deciding it was a lost cause, I threw it down the stairs. Afterwards I decided to put it back together and plug it back in one last time just for shits and giggles, and lo and behold it was working again! It actually lasted another few years after that.

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A good, satisfying whack to a misbehaving device has some wisdom behind it. At the very least, it feels good.

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This was more luck than anything, but I got my truck stuck in a big ol mud hole. RWD only so I was good and stuck. Decided I couldn't get anymore stuck than I already was so I decided to do some roostertails.

I must have gotten carried away because I eventually hit a root and got just enough traction to drive outta the mud hole.

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What is a roostertail?

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It's when you spin your rear tires in mud enough to make a tall spray of mud.

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Same except my truck slid on some ice was stuck in ditch with a two feet of snow, and there was no I was going to get a tow out anytime soon. Just keep rockin her back and forth, eventually caught a rock or something and somehow pulled myself out

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Floormats,my guy. As long azyoure not bottomed out, floormats give enough traction to back out

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I got stuck in my driveway in the ice and snow. I mean, it was my fault because I did a shitty job shoveling beforehand, but that's besides the point. I just kept rocking it and gunning the engine until I broke free. Turns out one wheel wasn't quite on the concrete though so I had a nice deep hole in the dirt when I finally got out.

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Why not buy a server that's not a flaming pile of shit and RAID the old drive into it?

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I'm going to guess because of corporate red tape.

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buy a server

I'm going with miserliness.

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Money. Quality business grade equipment doesn't come cheap. If there is a solution to maintain production with as low of a cost as possible then that's the solution. The bttom line is all the boss cares about.

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Because trying to get most management types to plop down the cash for a new server, even if the old one is literally on fire, is next to impossible.

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The length of paired electrical wire i had running from the starter motor all the way through the panel gaps in the car, through the door into my 1974 Ford Cortina. It was a great solution until it got caught in the wrong place and fused when i slammed the door shut on it...

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Thats why you should of had a fused relay for your switch.

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man im a useless fuck with cars to this day. one of the last things my father ever did on this fine earth was replacing the clutch plate on that old thing (interrupted by my sisters friend showing up with a bottle of chivas regal and asking if my dad could fit a stereo for him, which he did.) - This was so that i could drive that damn thing into work on the first day of my electrical apprenticeship. at his work.

fucked if that bottle of chivas regal wasnt the only thing me and my uncle could hold down about 24 hours later...

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Had a camera and I wanted to do a slow turn panoramic video. Most ideas turned too fast or were too bumpy for video. Discovered a twist-to-set magnetic kitchen timer which got a mount glued to it and voila! Slow, smooth, turning panorama.

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Ages ago I had to automate a login that used a physical RSA dongle that periodically displayed a key on a display. The solution that worked was a web-cam and a program to see which LCD segments were lit.

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