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Not an argument.

And yes, wash your penis you degenerate faggot.

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Not an argument.

Is a far cry from

There are no more arguments.

Besides, if you want to accurately (ha!) quote Molyneux, quote from his UPB pamphlet.

Peterson is a psychologist, not a philosopher.

There is definitely some bias overriding facts in this comic.

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This comment is fucking jews trying to make people who are very against liberalism look bad.. peterson, eric clopper there are some jews who are naming the jew and the other jews cant stand it.. sorta the way we hate liberal puszy traitors more then the actual invaders.

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I had the same thought. Not only this but there is a biased treatment overriding the way which we view the classical Hellenistic thinkers and the pre-modern/modern philosophers. They become larger than life, and some ordinary guy in a t-shirt today (even if he is thinking on just as high a level) just doesn't fit that portrayal of a dude in a toga between some big Corinthian pillars.

Both Peterson and, to a lesser extent Molyneux, are pop philosophers. I think both men's philosophical knowledge is there, but what they have become in character and content does not represent the peak of philosophy in our culture, just what has gained popular traction on the internet. The reason people think of other philosophers in the terms they do has to do with the way they are treated academically. Putting JBP and Molyneux on this same comic is kind of a straw man. Neither claimed to be in the same territory as the classics.

If you've read JBP's book, 12 Rules for Life, you'll know it does touch on philosophical questions and his solutions for them, but JBP is a psychologist with a pragmatist / stoic philosophy. His philosophy is NOT original, it has been around for millennia. And his writing is for popular appeal. He is selling a book. And he isn't striving to give it a deep philosophical treatment. It's just practical advice. He does get a little metaphysical now and again, with the Order/Chaos stuff, but again, those are not his ideas eitherl. He is chewing up much older work (he likes Nietzsche and Kierkegaard a lot) and spitting it back out in ways that often make it unrecognizable to the original thinkers, if you don't know their work very well. Mostly by simplifying it and contextualizing it to modern choices for young adults.

Truthfully, about the only original thing going on with JBP was to have the enormous balls to speak like he was speaking in a cucked university system, and to sort of revitalize these more classical lines of thinking for a younger audience who was apparently ready to hear them. But giving him that credit (because its due), the content of his philosophy isn't original. I also nod to his intelligence in general because he is a very smart man, and he doesn't shy away from debating serious thinkers.

His book Maps of Meaning is kind of a really broad overview of why culture came to be what it is like in the post-modern world and also the question of God, and it appeals to mostly Jungian psychology, but draws from a lot of novelists, poets, philosophers and science from the last few centuries. I think of JBP as a guy who has just went through and digested a lot, and what made it through is what he is presenting to a younger (and generally less scholastic) audience today. Simplifying a really dense and super broad amount of material down to a set of rules to live by.

Rather than being the most original philosopher out there, I look at JBP's biggest gift as his ability to observe. That's basically what he has spent a career doing in the context of figuring out why the hell we have gotten to be like we have. He observes everything and drips insights out of it that are more accessible to people than if they had gone and tried to tackle Nietzsche themselves. In that sense he is a distiller, and he kind of bled the distilled philosophy with the distilled sociology and suddenly made philosophy more relevant to people, because people are like "Hey, I see this stuff in my daily life! I get it now!"

For a different audience, those philosophies need to be communicated in a different way.

Modern audiences might think of classical philosophers (bearded dead guys) as being more high brow, but most people aren't reading those guys' works either. Just sayin.

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You shouldn't need someone else to tell you to wash your penis.

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Shouldn't need to tell grown adults a lot of things even kindergartners understand. And yet... Apparently we do.

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I have needed to explain to young men how to wash themselves. Unfucking the minds of victims of single mother households is a much more arduous task than you would think.

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But I want someone else to wash my penis.. It's more fun.

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JP is ok at shooing youngsters back to normalcy that been flirting with the fringes

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Hes just a nice consitant Canadian guy. He is, qualified ,articulate And spews milktoast prima facia advise. He isnt high profile becuase he says anything revolutionary hes famous because hes hated for saying the obvious.

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I took the personality test on his website. It said I'm a dick.

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And sadly thats all hes good for. Lots of right wingers get real agitated when they see his massive audience, penchant for honesty, AND refusal to talk about jews. Very veximg.

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penchant for honesty, AND refusal to talk about jews.

a bit of a oxymoron dontcha think?

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I wash my penis once a month whether it needs it or not.

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Wow, that often?

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It's better to be on the safe side.

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I get my penis wet as often as possible.

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Dumbest thing I've seen all week, people that want to shit on JBP for not being the first one to heat up ovens are low IQ fuckwits incapable of critical thought. The man has a great many good things to say.

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Most people only know the talking points of a few of his points. Barely anyone has actually done a deep dive into Maps of Meaning. His verbal literacy is not as good as his book was when he was more sharp and with it.

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If you want to shit on JBP, Mr Metokur does it right. I like JBP, but you gotta admit, he's making a lot of money. He won't have to work another day in his life (at a university).

Hell even the comic where the dad tells his kid to clean up his room, only for his kid to listen to JPB in the next panel hits the mark.

This just doesn't.

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Jordan Petersen doesn't claim to be a philosopher, though.

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But Kolb and the Dragon!

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Wash your Penis bucko!

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The left can't meme.

Wash your penis is an attempt at it, but if anything it actually fits - notice how they have to give him retarded eyes because the comment alone isn't enough.

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