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Can confirm. When I first got here I was pretty taken aback and even offended sometimes. It took some time and reflection to realize I was no longer in my censored comfort zone where ideas and views are filtered.

This is what free speech looks like and it is a beautiful thing even when I disagree or think something is too inflammatory.

This place has helped thicken my skin and make me tolerant and accepting of individual choice of words. After the initial shock I think people actually learn to let to relax and and realize there is no reason to keep their guard up.


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I always knew people where bastards, Voat has helped me reinforce my views.


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I didnt know that until I got here. This place has really opened my eyes and educated me about so many things that I would have otherwise completely missed unless I were here.

At first I kinda thought that maybe it's because i am a young adult that must account for my ignorance about stuff on Voat.

After talking to people much older than me what I've witnessed here I realized that people are generally sheltered.

The degree of control the Jews have over the beliefs and public conciousness is astounding, but this truth has been hidden so well that speaking about it results in shock and disbelief.

I just want to thank all of your faggots for making Voat so cool


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well said


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Welcome to the club, niggerfaggot.

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You can, dimwit.