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Nah, that's not realistic. It wouldn't give you a reason.

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Just fucking dismantle it at that point.

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DMCA, TOS, ETC, my man.

You'd have some fully autonomous John Deer Tractors come and level your house shortly after.

"Sorry, software glitch."

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Certajn objects do not need "smart" tech embedded in them. TVs do not need it as far as I'm concerned, and I really hope this shit doesn't become real. Horrible thing is the dumb normie masses will buy it, just like they bought fuckin Amazon echos and that google one without a second fuckjng thought.

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Dude, normies will let the government chip them if it means they can get through the checkout aisle faster. The things people will consent to in the name of "convenience" is appalling.

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It really is sad how tech has made people so sedate and compliant.

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30 years ago that was just a paranoid unrealistic conspiracy theory.

Now I sure many people would chip themselves for a 5% discount at Wal-Mart. Gotta tag the cattle

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The moment we let cellphones, microphones, and cameras, into our houses we were done for anyway, so I kind of want to say "we're all so far fucked what does it even matter", but it's kind of stupid to be like "ok, well lets fuck ourselves even further!"

I can measure your heart beat with radio waves from outside of your house. Me. The Public. Easily. Is it illegal? Dunno. Should I even care? ...does shit being illegal stop people, companies, Google, Amazon, the Government from doing things?

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To an extent that is true, but there is something very obvious about echo that for sure screams "legal bugging device" and it's a lot harder to argue for your privacy when you are willing to let amazon listen to you all day long.

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My mom not only bought and uses an Echo, she loved it so much she bought both sets of my grandparents one for Christmas.

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My dad is obsessed with his, has one in damn near every room in his house. He bought one for my wife and I for Christmas, I never hooked it up. I had her sell it on some buy/sell/trade group for $50

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"Amazon Refrigerator!"


"kill all niggers you faggot kike"

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Circuits would fry from the sheer volume of "Hate Speech" detected.

Good lord if some 13 year old has one of these in earshot of them playing some FPS console game.

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Call me old fashioned but the day I start talking to my refrigerator, I hope someone has the decency to do what's right and put me down.

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I'ma make bank when I start making technological shit basic again.

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Internet of shit

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They probably won't start there.

Given that miscreants in California can steal up to $949.99 worth of stuff and only get a wet open mouth kiss from the cops I predict stuff like this will be used on stores first. Misbehave too often? Banned from entering the store by their AI facial recognition surveillance.

Once that's in place and accepted it'll be banning for double-plus-ungood badthink. Pass laws that increase crime and chaos. Propose a "solution". Increment.

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