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Jews. Jews killed 100 million people.

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It is interesting how reactions would differ to "I am a Communist." vs. "I am a NAZI."

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Funny thing about this design and other, actual good artworks the artist produced... He decided it was a good idea to let anyone and everyone sell his prints and images all over Dublin with no royalties for himself, being Irish and sharing the wealth... He ended up losing millions and quickly changed his tune. Jim Fitzpatrick has skills but his socialist stupidity bit him in the arse, and hard, turned out he preferred the Capitalist way of things. Ha.

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That's beautiful

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Most leftists are actually very greedy. They're just too lazy to make the money themselves.

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"Once you've killed a million people you've kind of made your point." - Dr. Jordan Peterson

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Some estimates are as high as 170 million.

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“No bro, that wasn’t ‘real’ communism” (Same excuse for socialism).

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Do we have a # for Capitalism? ...new shirt... Capitalism killed xxx people and all I got was this shirt made in a child labor sweatshop.

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That they probably paid for...which is capitalism.

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