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Did Bill Watterson actually write "gender modes" ~25 years ago?

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Amazing foresight.

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Yep, it's in the Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat collection. Still my favorite comic.

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It's true. I struggled with papers because I used to write them so precisely. My sentences would contain exact phrases highlighting one point. Ie "the dog is brown" this meant my statement could be broken down and proven wrong due to subjective perspective. Once I learned how to say something with no specifc point, it couldnt be nailed down.. ie "the thing sometimes maybe is not no color" , I would get all As

I still learned on my own but handed in bs all the time. It was ridiculous

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Absolutely. I experienced some of the same. I routinely had papers (in college) that I tossed a word salad on because I hadn't, admittedly, done the proper research. But my verbal ability is pretty high and I could describe a shit sandwich in a way that would sell it. These papers would get 4.0's and I'd just laugh at myself: "There wasn't a god damned significant statement in this entire thing."

Academia has declined so quickly.

Lord Rutherford: "It should be possible to explain the laws of physics to a barmaid."

This is actually a very deep statement that's saying two important things. One, that if you understand something (truly understand it) you should be able to modify your explanation and cater it to the audience. If you "get it" you could explain it in a way a 6 year old could at least grasp, even if you've foregone specifics. That's the point I like about this quote (but it is also pointing to the reality of the elegance and simplicity of natural laws too).

Feynman also echoed it when he was asked to prepare a lecture on particle spin statistics for an undergraduate lecture and he came back and said, "I couldn't reduce it to the freshman level. That means we really don't understand it."

I've read things by really brilliant minds, and also excellent writers, and the one thing that glues them all together is their writing for the layman doesn't sound try-hard. When I see someone writing for non-specialists and they employ the $100 word wall to just lift themselves up on a pedestal, I instantly lose respect. But it's all over in academics, especially today in the less scientific fields of social sciences. Their theories are so fucking barren that they have to put them on these stilts for people to give them any good treatment.

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(but it is also pointing to the reality of the elegance and simplicity of natural laws too).

I think this is how you know if your experimentally validated hypothesis is correct or not. If you have to invent new math, you are probably missing something.

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Did you live in a small town with shitty racist teachers who supported White Privilege?

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It was Uconn and ucsb

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Amazing. I always thought my points could be written out in a few mere paragraphs (though supporting data and evidence helps back them up). Turns out that's normal and academia just loves to confound.

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Bill was a comical genius. He stopped being a comical genius when he stopped making comics.

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Now he's just a genius.

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This is the truth, writing is nothing more, nothing less.

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Comic would be funnier if it wasn't true.

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I know someone who did classics and had to read an entire book written like this, on purpose. It was impenetrable, intelligible garbage, but the author probably thought they were oh so brilliant.

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What book

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No idea, he had a hardcopy of it but it was something obscure even by academic standards.

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