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Steroids make your dick tiny.

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[–] viperguy 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

It shrinks your penis too due to less nightly testosterone "exercise" :

[–] RecluS 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

They actually only shrink your testicles by 10-20% and my balls were too big to begin with.

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Honestly, I did steroids for a bit. Like, one cycle, years ago. Didn't even buy it; buddy of mine bought them, got cold feet, and gave them to me instead. The ball shrinkage was a godsend. It was "cutting" roids, though, and all I did was cardio, so I don't count it. FUCK YOU, I DON'T COUNT IT SUCK MY DICK.

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Too bad it doesn't do anything for the sack they're in. Toilet skimming balls are fun to laugh at, probably not so much to experience 😂

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Smaller balls- less cum.

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Its known science. Balls shrink too, and and permanent testosterone levels drop and female hormones increase.

Steroid Users Have Low Testosterone :

Dick shrinkage is due to less nightly "plumping" and less 4AM erections from less free testosterone.

If you forced yourself into 20 minute long rock-hard chronic twice-daily masturbation sessions you would retain length (or increase). Use it or Lose it.