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I’m the juggernaut bitch.

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lol someone saw a movie recently

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or they saw the original - https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=bSuvOVH0aSQ

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Someone also omitted the comma.

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Steroids make your dick tiny.

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It shrinks your penis too due to less nightly testosterone "exercise" : http://roguehealthandfitness.com/former-steroid-users-have-low-testosterone/

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They actually only shrink your testicles by 10-20% and my balls were too big to begin with.

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Honestly, I did steroids for a bit. Like, one cycle, years ago. Didn't even buy it; buddy of mine bought them, got cold feet, and gave them to me instead. The ball shrinkage was a godsend. It was "cutting" roids, though, and all I did was cardio, so I don't count it. FUCK YOU, I DON'T COUNT IT SUCK MY DICK.

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Too bad it doesn't do anything for the sack they're in. Toilet skimming balls are fun to laugh at, probably not so much to experience 😂

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Smaller balls- less cum.

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Its known science. Balls shrink too, and and permanent testosterone levels drop and female hormones increase.

Steroid Users Have Low Testosterone :


Dick shrinkage is due to less nightly "plumping" and less 4AM erections from less free testosterone.

If you forced yourself into 20 minute long rock-hard chronic twice-daily masturbation sessions you would retain length (or increase). Use it or Lose it.

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I always thought this was an awesome picture but on closer inspection something looks a little off. everything about him looks a little different than the surrounding officers. and the stick looks elongated.

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If there's anything that the internet has taught me, is that this is 100% photoshopped; even if it isn't.

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Fake or not, on that other site it triggered a good number of neckbeards bitching about how "no one needs to be that big" followed by a string of unfounded assumptions about the person in the image.

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Officer clegane, antifa is fucked.

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Batons : 0

My AR: 123

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Now that made me LOL

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lol the soyboy nazis got their soyboy asses kicked in WW2 germany got fuckin pwned hardcore

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Suddenly I'm reminded of that scene in the Princess Bride where Miracle Max yells "Stop! Or I'll call The Brute Squad!' Andre the Giant says, "I'm on The Brute Squad" and Max replies "You ARE The Brute Squad"

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As someone who's gotten his workout cancelled after taking a double-dose of preworkout and protein... fuckin' eh, I'm going to bash the face in of whoever the winging little fuck who made me skip deadlift day is. I'll tear their bones clean apart. You know... figuratively.

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I remember when I was a pussy and I had to take pathetic preworkouts before a lift

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You mean warming up with light weights beforehand?

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So, earlier today?

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