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For her next shirt “getting stoned” .... on the back will be a Marijuana leaf, on the front getting her face bashed in with rocks.

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They could make one that says "I'd hit that....." then on the back is a rental truck running over screaming people

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Ever watch a video of some poor fucker getting stoned? They're dead in 30 seconds and they keep throwing stones for an extra 5 minutes. So peaceful, let's mass import them into Sweden, France, Germany, the UK and Italy. Great idea! Thanks EU and leftists for this cultural enrichment!

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I like this video of Farkhunda Malikzada (NSFL). Some woman was accused of defacing a Koran, so a very large mob of people drag her into the street and beat her to death lol, while the Afghan police watch. It's great! These people are the best in the world. They then drive over her corpse and drag her body to a river where they continue throwing large pieces of concrete at the corpse. Aloha Snackbar. We need more of this diversity in every country; it's our greatest strength. Fuck white people and their civility.

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Diversity is our strength!

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she will explode from excitement ..... at least she is hanging, my fav position

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I don't seem to recall any mass outrage over this particular shirt by H&M. Anyhow, always support honest advertising and equally racist products.

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'Member coolest monkey in the jungle?

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goddamn complaining niggers

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I sure do. The outrage was fantastic to watch unfold.

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It's amazing how the poster on the left seems to mean "I am a cool person" while the poster on the right looks like a legitimate threat of violence.

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Real real is real.

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They would sell their own mother for money. Disgusting.

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Well you are warned!

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Nothing wrong with that statement. Muslim girls are easy.

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