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Fake as fuck. European niggers are skinny little shits just like the ragheads. Weak. Inferior. Only the American African is large like that, due, of course, to having been selectively bred.

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...and breed with women who were white Irish slaves

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They should do something like this but for the Oregon trail.

Italy has refused entrance, will you play your victim card or continue on to spain?

Your rations are low will you eat jamal or tyrone?

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Funny, how it is the United States of America who is filled with niggers and that whites are only 56% of the population.

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And half of those "white" population are Hispanic.

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Uh, no

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Been the U.S. simulator for quite a while now, must be an expansion pack

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Fake! Our thots don't even try to run.

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Is this real?

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It's a screen grab of Skyrim, an RPG. The guy chose a redguard, installed nudemods, and set his avatar running after one of the 30 or so children in the game. Then he took that screen capture to a photo editor, downloaded the font for Farm Simulator and superimposed his chosen text over the image.

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You've played it?

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In the next scene you'll see the nigger running away. One of the reasons Germany is so tough on online hatespeech is that they have developed some strange genres of social media entertainment. Some of the most popular videos in Germany, shared from mobile phone to mobile phone, feature muslims getting beaten up by teenage girls. The second most popular type of video is seniors hitting foreigners.

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shit I wanna play it

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