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brilliant asians

Fucking robotic bugs. These are not creatively brilliant people. They're good at mimicry and memorization, that's about it.

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Asian tourist group at Niagra falls.

One in front of line learns how to place on lifejacket while the second one watches.

The second one turns to the third one and demonstrates how to put it on.

This happened for all ten to fifteen of them.

Any other group would have one person showing all the rest how to do it, then letting them try to figure it out until they helped the last couple who couldn't.

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Ho Lee Xhit

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Wypipo be robots n sheit. Day can't dance or play basket ball. Day jus do math like a cakalatah n sheit. Bug ass crackas.

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Seriously. I'm amazed at all these people who just completely ignore the millennia of artistic history in China/Japan. They aren't fucking bug people lol.

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So they're more than capable and don't cause nearly as many issues as most people? Sounds like a win win.

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Just because they're non-disruptive doens't mean they're brilliant.


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Like every other group, when they get to be about 15-20% of the population they start agitating for their backward way of life. Asians aren't that hygienic, value things more than people and operate solely out of cruelty. White Christian nations will always get more done than chinks and gooks.

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I look at it the other way around. Only the bottom of the barrel would be willing to work for propagandistic presstitutes like the NYT.

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asians are sooooo smart. oh fuck off.

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Reminds me of this

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She was hired to provoke white anger. This is a well thought out plan by the NYT.

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Not really, the only people I know who subscribe are older whites and businesses run by...wait for it...whites. Asians like freebies and Paco reads La Opinion if he can read at all.

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Race baiting.

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Cute name. She's stuck with it now

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The one thing every seems to be missing is that she is pretty fuckable, decent night in the sack and all her issues would be gone - I am willing to be the one who takes that job on but am too far from the US - imagine the kudos some guy would get for fucking the liberalism out of her!

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In one tweet she says she's sexually attracted to "white cis men"... I suspect she was burned a few times while riding the cock carousel and now past her prime and bitter.

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she is pretty fuckable

No weebo. No.

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2 billion, I guess that's why Asians don't get minority status. Wait, after looking a demographic breakdown of global population, why are blacks a minority again?

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