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Ocasio-Cortez is expected to make a full-recovery and seems undaunted by the incident, already proposing even more programs she thinks the government should pay for, like dog-walking.

Dogs are good. Dogs like to go on walks. Poor people in poor communities don't always have the opportunities to properly walk their dogs. There may be a lack of parks, grass, safe sidewalks, and doggie bags. Sometimes the impoverished lack the time to walk their dogs. All of this requires funding. Who can solve these kinds of problems except government? Only government can ensure dogs are walked. There should be a law to fix this. Obviously.

In the future, she says she’ll be more careful. Luckily, Ocasio-Cortez is expected to easily win her heavily Democratic district which means she’s headed for our nation’s Capitol, a place that’s traditionally been a safe space from economics and math.

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Reminder for those of you falling victim to Poe's Law. Babylonbee is satire.

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They'll need to put her in restraints if she balances her checkbook...

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Lunatics today lead political parties, it shouldn't get crazier.

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Is this banned on facebook yet?

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god damn it, i read the first 4 words of the title and got excited.

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You almost tricked me you clever, clever bunny!

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If you think that socialists are stupid and that they dont understand economics, it merely means that YOU are stupid and that YOU dont understand socialism.

Socialists perfectly understand how economics works and that understanding is why they deliberately reject economics.

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