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We should Google Apple Spotify all those motherfuckers

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" One day you'll all look at the world us actors created and say, ' Wow, good going fag, you really made the world a better place, didn't you fag?' " - Alec Baldwin

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This needs to be a South Park episode

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South Park is part of "Them"

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yea, I streamed a few episodes from the latest season, ick and lame.. WTF.. witches = Conservatives?? just confusing bs

and nuke Canada? was that aboot Southern & Molyneux?

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That’s so trendy I might become a faggot.

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Too late youre already a niggerfaggot

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Thats clever as fuck. Lol.

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Fucking faggots.

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I like

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Oh no. I'm going to barf over your username. Oh no no no no no. It's so beyond roasty. It's the most hideous image in the world and it smells like sulphur and chelsea came out of it and now it's stuck in my brain. I may have to kill myself to stop my brain from... Naw I'll just think about Michael Obama's dick. That pushes hillary's stinking vajayjay out of my mind. Oh now I can't get Michael's hot dog out of my mind lol.

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