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Not to mention movies today SUCK.

[–] SyriansAreTerrorists 1 points 35 points (+36|-1) ago 

And they all have low-IQ savage degenerate minority females in lead roles. I don't want to watch garbage like that.

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the new star wars is a great example. The women literally has ZERO flaws. Her only flaw is that she is too perfect, and too strong. The wakanda movie was also full of shit, since the entire premise is that niggers from space build a civilization, but don't bother sharing any of their findings with the rest of the world, and then make a jab at Trump at the end of the movie about opening borders, AFTER THEY REVEAL THAT WAKANDA ANDTHEIR BORDER AND WAY OF LIFE IS LOCKED OFF FROM THE REST OF THE FUCKING WORLD. The DC/Marvel Crap is so confusing, that I can't even keep up anymore. Random characters come out of nowhere for plot convenience. The horror movies of today are somewhat OK, but the cliches are predictable.

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Angels in the Outfield (or whatever the womens baseball movie was called) was okay since it was based on a true story. But try to make a movie today (not based on a true story) about women's baseball, good luck. Ghostbusters remake was absolute shit because women don't fit that roll in society. It isn't that difficult to fit the actor to the roll but hollywood has gone to complete shit.

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But those are the only movies people did see? Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy...

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Hollywood is pushing leftism so hard nothing made today has any mystery to it.

Is there a female character? She'll be perfect in every way and if anything bad does happen to her she'll be completely justified and the hero.

Is there a character that isn't white? Exact same thing.

Is there a character that isn't heterosexual? Exact same thing.

These aren't stories, they're weird sick identity promos that have no place in a free society. And yeah, most otherwise free people don't feel like paying to endure them.

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On top of all that they rape kids. Or at least knowingly work with people who do.

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Identity promos?

In my day we called it propaganda

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Not to mention movies today SUCK.

Not to mention that even deplorable toothless smelly hillbillies have more sense than to pay $12+ for a movie where you can't smoke, pause the video to get a reasonably priced beer or rewind a bit in case you missed something, assuming you didn't enable subtitles. Oh, yeah, 25 minutes of commercials while waiting for the actual movie to start sucks too.

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I can tell you're going to love the new Terminator flick. Featuring the LGBT-1000.