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you sure as shit sound like one.


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If paying niggers millions of dollars to play sports ball and having coal-hauling, talentless, pieces of shit like the kardashians be idolized and made extremely wealthy is capitalism...

Then socialism (i know he said communism, but fuck that) isnt looking too bad from where I'm fucking sitting.


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Alright, so now I'm gonna go and deconstruct this shit.

The American economy is terrible.

Yes it is.

There is this attitude in America that the rich deserve everything

I don't see it. Mostly america hates them because america has been robbed by champagne socialists (who are only rich through robbery) and the 'rich' (people who say, make over $150,000 a year) have been scape-goated.

and everyone else deserves nothing

I think this is true of the rich, not that they believe they deserve everything, just that they believe no one deserves anything--unless they earn it.

People are kind of slowly figuring out this is pretty dumb.

It is pretty dumb, and it is the core agenda of socialism, rich insiders get everything, and fuck everyone else.

To hear the pissing and moaning when some fast food workers ask for $15 an hour

Jews instigating undeserving niggers after jewish democrats used well-meaning stooges to erect the unions and wreck the labor market. Previously you got exactly what you bargained for. Now tom dick and harry the fucking nigger all compete for the same entry level positions, and the bar is higher because it has to be owing to the fact they aren't allowed to discriminate anymore--least of all against some dipshit who will literally steal $20 from the register to pay for his weed habit.

To hear the pissing and moaning when some fast food workers ask for $15 an hour when some shitty quarterback wants $30 or 40 million because they will feel disrespected if they don't get it.

This isn't capitalism, this is socialist jealousy, the culture of niggers, spics, streetshitters, and jews. "WaaaahhH! I can't have what is yours, you have more than me, its not fair, lets lower everyones living standards to make it fair, even though I did nothing to earn that other persons money. And while we're at it we'll hold up a job or position created through state socialist spending as an example of why all capitalism is bad so we can justify more socialism!"

Thats exactly what you sound like.

People need to get their priorities in order.

Absolutely. Stop paying attention to what others have or were unfairly given, and start paying attention to your own life and what you can or have earned.

I have no idea why anyone sympathizes with the rich.

Me neither. Some of the sympathizers are* fairly well off* (even if they don't have, say, eight figures in assets), some of them are getting there, some of them want to be. Thats the american dream, the premise of capitalism, compete or go where there is no competition, learn, and if you play your cards right, you can achieve it too. Shit, you have any idea how many people have the skills and talent and wherewithal to make it on their own but haven't learned the basic simple christian humility necessary to ask someone else for the capital to start a business?

Just this one example makes a huge difference: Asking is hard, and I'd say it is a fundamental business skill that you learn through practice. Ask for help. Ask for advice. Ask for money. Ask for connections or referrals, ask, ask, ask. Some of the wealthiest people I know are where they are not because of their starting capital but because of their humility--and thats what we mean by "we earned it through hard work."

Knew a lot of rich kids in school and the way they spent money, it was obscene.

Good, it means money was circulating in the local economy. My grandfather built yachts (not owned a yacht building company), he built them, starting out as an apprentice. He didn't "climb the ladder rapidly", or personally get to know the owner. He left his job because he wasn't getting the promotions he deserved commiserate with his effort and skill. After he left, the owner realized what he lost, and when it came time, my father returned asking for money (after the bank turned him down), and the owner granted him a loan.

After that my grandfather opened a restaurant. My father took over after pops died. He used that money to buy some real estate and start an ATV shop.

Screwed up thing is, here I am in my forties, and my dad never gave me a penny of the money he got from his dad. I had to make my own way.

Has lack of access to capital hurt me?

Oh boy, did it. Taught me the most valuable skill yet though--how to ask for help.

And whether you have a business and need capital to grow, are trying to start a business, or are simply looking for a job, I have to ask you: what have you tried lately?

Socialism is about taking from others without asking.

Capitalism is about asking for others help, and offering something in exchange--be it a share in your company or your labor.

If it's "capitalism" but it involves unnecessary regulations that unfairly take from one person and give to another (using tax money to hire niggers to fucking play sportsball for example), then it's not capitalism--it's socialism by definition.

I'd rather be a broke capitalist than an indentured socialist any day.

In that regard, much of america isn't capitalist at all.


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You are aware of how a civilization functions, right? Did you not see what happened in Syria? Latin America? That's what happens when the rich take everything and fuck the middle class and poor over. I have no problem with people being rich, but when you're powerful, you tend to want everything for yourself. Unless there are some checks and balances in place, society can't function.

Not hard.