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I'm perplexed that we live in a world where one can't simply assume that this article is a parody.

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Poe's law, man- it gets stronger and applies more every damned day.

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Problem was, it was an algebra test.

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And yet the nigger managed to use niggerese instead of English and make the poor guy uncomfortable.

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Didn't you hear? Algebra is racist and promotes white privilege.

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He was doing the guy a favor by 'teaching' him in a school setting vs work. One could cause you to be fired. The other just hurts your feelings but you learn something.

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I am unsure as to why white people even bother anymore. Don't correct their spelling, math, science mistakes. Let them go through life being the miserable retards they are. Let them get hired by the affirmative action companies and let them "prosper" with their new work force.

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Because those dumb niggers will go on to think they are better than you and boss you around, without understanding why they're fucking chimps

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This is why I want segregation. They turn out all the retards they want. If we are separate, we can set the standards as to where they should be. We can turn out real men and women., and make a country of our own.

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This guy, I like this level of chaotic evil. That kid won't realize till his deathbed that in order to learn you have to be willing to get corrected, and those that help you refuse to learn are those that hate you actually.

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(((Programming))) I was one of the ignorant, but then I started seeing stats that were correctly sourced. We must keep, spreading correct, sourced information.

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So insensitive to black spelling! These old white men need to die out.

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So uncensiteeve to blak spellnn! Dees ode wyte menz needz ta dizout.

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That professor dindu nuffin wrong.

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You know... I'd have been right fucking pissed if I found out I was graded to a different standard than my peers. That's what equality is, right? If we're being graded for grammar and spelling, mark my errors down. How the fuck else am I supposed to learn?

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Some people don't want to learn. They just want handouts.

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They also seem to have been turning college into a trade school. You go to university to learn how to learn better. It's the start of a life of learning, not the end of your education.

Ah well...

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Wish my teacher corrected my spelling one year instead of just marking it. When you see a student constantly spelling the same word wrong help them out teach! I spelled enough "enuff" for a whole year confused why it was wrong.

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I fucking love good grammar Nazis. I'm pretty appreciative for the correction.

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I had one professor, some European prick, point out petty grammar errors I'm sure weren't errors on my essays in college. He was the only one to ever really do that. I think he did it because I liked to wear American flag shirts to class. I usually got them for free and I was a struggling college kid, so I liked it. I guess the other liberals there didn't. There was even some trust fund hippie vegan prick who made fun of it in the school paper. He was in my recitation that semester for a class, and he happened to point out "American flag t-shirts that were fading", forgot the context. This was coming from some douchebag who dressed like he was homeless, this was back in 2003 when celebrities were kind of doing this shit too, wasn't sure what it was about.

But yeah, no one else really criticized my papers but that guy. Seemed like after sophomore year in high school, my essays were graded more on my beliefs and attitude than content. Meanwhile, I'd see niggers who should still be in middle school learning how to write getting Bs. It was outrageous. I mean, if you're a black student that studies and writes properly, seeing a retard who got in through affirmative action get grades like yours or better has to just piss you off.

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I had one professor, some European prick

Was he English? If so he probably spotted grammatical errors better than US raised teachers....you know with speaking the actual English language :p :)


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I said "European" for a reason; he's not English. He was Italian, I think.

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The Left:

If you refuse to accept that blacks are dumb and can't be taught, you're racist.

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getting bad grades? suck at your job? fail at life? commit a crime? are you black?

Then just claim racism, works most of the time.

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