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It was worth the weight.

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Very rarely do I actually laugh out loud when reading an internet comment, but this was that funny.

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We don't laugh here faggot

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could the same be said for delivery pizza?

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No shit like 20 years ago I worked in a deli and we had a customer who would park outside and honk his horn for me to come out then he would order, I would bring his food to him, he would hand me money and I woupd bring him back change, he was so fat his car leaned to one side. I worked alone at night so the first time he did that I didn't come outside for like 10 minutes hecause I figured it was just some people fucking around outside.

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I would have told him to fuck off. I encountered a subhuman like this once. He was over 600 pounds and went to drive through burger joints. His ENTIRE car was packed with garbage to the point where there was in imprint of his fat disgusting body in the garbage.

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Real shame that Steam's interface is fucking cancer now. Two steps forward, 6 steps back.

I think I will stick with GOG for now.

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Let's not forget, that most GOG games are DRM free. A huge advantage, as I generally refuse to buy anything that can be turned off at a whim.

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What's this GOG you speak of?

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GoodOldDownloads is better. All the GOG installers without paying

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Man, thanks for the link. Combine the functionality of that site with JDownloader, and it's like it's my own personal pirate game download management software. Except better than Steam, because no DRM or social media BS.

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Now that's a mother of invention.

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That chair is a mother fucking commando

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Oldie but goodie

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Absolute unit

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