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They finally did it...


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So what is being done to white farmers is literally worse than apartheid. Crickets from the media.

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Hat Tip: icuntstopswearing

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What did they ever do with that prop after the movie was over?

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There are two scenes where we see the Statue of Liberty, each scene having been done a different way. The first is shot from above, down through the crown of the edifice, showing the hand holding the torch; art director William Creber built a half-scale model replica of the top of the head and the torch from cardboard and paper maché, expertly positioned in the frame to look real. This shot looking down at Taylor required a 70-foot high scaffold tower to be constructed. At 66 years of age, director of photography Leon Shamroy refused to climb the structure, while the assistant director had a phobia of heights. Instead, director Franklin J. Schaffner and William Creber lensed the perspective shot, filmed on a secluded cove named Westward Beach situated between Zuma Beach and Point Dume, California. The second scene was a matte shot—a very detailed painting done on glass by Emil Kosa, with transparent areas through which the live action could appear. The extra-smooth surface permits the artist to be very detailed, without the surface grain of canvas or paper.[5]