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keep in mind. 90% of the plastic in the ocean comes from china and africa

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and someone found a enzyme/primitive mold in Japan living in a dumpster that actually eats all plastic and turns it back into petroleum. Those floating plastic patches might be the next off shore oil source. I actually believe that global warming is real, unlike all my bagger allies. So what? too late to stop, adapt, innovate, adjust.

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No it's not you or CO2. It's the Sun. Don't be tricked into thinking that because they lied about its causes, or the projections, that climate isn't changing. Climate does change, it does so naturally every few hundred years or so (~400 on average). This is caused by fluctuations or lowering of solar activity which has an direct effect on the earth climate. Whenever the Sun goes into a (grand) solar minimum (decreased solar activity), Earth's weather and climate becomes more unstable, unpredictable, and extreme, and on average cools down.

Here are some examples of the lie, and the reality: - Temperatures rising? Nope, lowering due to decreased solar activity (solar minima) - Ice melting? Nope increasing due to lowered temperatures - Sea levels rising? Nope, lowering due to increasing ice (ice floats) - CO2 causing temperature rise? Nope, temperature causes CO2 to rise

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What really redpilled me about this was back in the 80's, they were pulling the same shit but about a global cooling.

People just don't know shit about nature. If anyone uses global warming to virtue signal I immediately become hesitant. There just aren't enough studies to show decent results yet.

Plus, if anyone truly does care about global warming I want to make sure their priorities are right. For every energy source we have here India throws up three dirty coal fuel sources. If someone cares about global warming they better are about wanting to correct the people doing the most damage, which would create the most change in the environment if global warming is a correct theory.

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I believe in something that was proven false

You’re retarded. Fuck off.

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And the plastic in our waterways is from niggers in cities who have no fucking idea how to use a trash can. Every time it rain trash from nigger neighborhoods goes into the sewer system. But, really can blame them since they don't have the mental capacity to understand "white mans" system of sanitation.

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They have plastic in Africa?

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whatever stupid westerners ship them so they can breed like rats

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Africa has been a major dumping ground for quite some time(which is to say it's technically somebody else at fault, though the African governments don't help by letting them do it).

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The majority of the plastics in Africa are e-waste. Jews ship it as a "educational products" donation and get a tax write-off.

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Hell, somebody even gave those apes cars.

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The infantilization of America continues, following the successes of adult onesies, and adult rompers, comes adult sippy cups.

Soon, Pacifiers will be standard-issue for adults that aren't ravers.

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It'll be some flimsy excuse like them being mouthguards to prevent tooth damage in auto accidents, or something.

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when you drive you'll have to put on your seatbelt, helmet, pacifier (soother) and diapy

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Pacifiers would make a cheap and effective mouth guard for antifa protests, fucking nazis couldn't hurt them then!

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I recall the founder of UA saying they made new mouthguards that pulled the bottom jaw out, allowing athletes to inhale more and perform better in every measurable way. He went on to tell us the goal was to make it so everyone saw the need to be optimal 24/7. Which would mean everyone owned one and wore it more than braces.

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adult onesies and adult rompers

Why can't these kids just wear coveralls and overalls like their grandparents did?

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Little could be more appropriate for the infantile-minded Starbucks aficionados than sippy cups. Maybe pacifiers and diapers, but it’d be a short list.

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Obviously you've never been to a rave. Adult pacifiers are already a thing.

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They also buy plug in hybrid cars for the same logic with the same results.

tl;dr no one ever does this shit for the fucking environment.

its always about money and forcing competitors out of business. in this case someone somewhere in the plastics industry is having a shitfight with someone and now someone else is making a fuckton of money thanks to straw bans (and 'single use' plastic bags.... which are about the only type of plastic bag which is almost universally not only used once, unlike.... plastic garbage bags which are only used.... once... and are still legal)

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Hybrid cars including regular cars use nickel cadmium a very reactive and dangerous substance that CANNOT be recycled poisoned the environment and is very nasty to the human organ system.

Lithium is far less reactive and far less toxic even for a full tesla battery and can be subsumed from its reactive form into a nonreactive form Via natural processes without harming the environment IE if it spills its not a epa hazard superfund cleanup Hybrid cars and anything using a modern battery is way more toxic then anything with a lithium ion battery and require resources to cleanup because nickel cadium IS VERY BAD IF IT GETS TO THE WATER TABLE.

Modern gasoline cars are more toxic in every way conceivable.

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Lithium isn't non toxic, you turd. In fact, when it burns, the fumes become quite a bit more toxic. Ever been in a repair shop when a lithium cell in a cellphone bursts? Yeah, try telling me that shit isn't toxic again, mother fucker.

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on top of all that, imagine everyone got given an electric car today out of the blue and no more petrol.

everyone plugs their car into the grid for the first time for the first charge.

the lights go out. cos um.. we dont actually have the electrical generation capacity for even all the greenie fucks that can afford to go full retard and buy electric or hybrid.

so then someone has to build a) another bunch of "Perfectly safe and clean" nuclear powerplants, the waste of which is toxic for tens of thousands of years and as such is buried under the ground and securied, or b) highly polluting coal (lets ignore modern nations use zero emission wet coal and emission capture methods that produce little to no CO2) plants thereby shifting the source of the carbon pollution from petrol and diesel emissions, to either industrial class outputs from power plants.

Aaaaaaaaaand then theres the fact that every single fucking tree on the planet absorbs CO2, STORES the carbon (aka wood) and outputs, you guessed it, fuckin oxygen. The stuff we breath.

No CO2 = dead trees = no O2 = dead humans.

So. Bearing all that in mind, and you and me aint scientists, economists, or businesmen (sorry im assuming) what does every single equation in that previous paragraph all equate to?

One kind of business forcing money away from another with a side helping of 'We need your money to save the planet"

TL;DR - Think of the trees, buy the biggest fuckoff suck down my fumes greenie motherfucker Ford pickup you can buy.

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NiMH replaced nicad a long time ago, retard

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Not aware of any cars that use NiCad batteries. Regular cars use lead-acid and all hybrids/electrics I'm aware of use lithium based batteries. But yeah, all are still toxic.

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Just a quick point about single use plastic bags...you can still get single use plastic bags for produce. Those weren't affected by the plastic bag bans.

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Wouldn't be surprised if the new lid company was behind the initial straw outrage.

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sort of like the garbage bag companies behind the plastic shopping bag regulations?

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people are fucking stupid

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Yeah pissing away money to get fat on sugary coffee.

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while i agree that their shit is waaaaaay over priced, i do go every morning before work. more so just to chat with friends before the work day starts because we all meet up there.

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I just started using straws for first time in 40 yrs cus hav a cold sensitive tooth. They never make it close to any sea turtle, as I burn all my trash. I care for woodlands, so earn my greencredits. Hauling trash and recycling around costs a lot of petrol and is very anti-environmental. Burn hot to minimize vapors, compost, rust it at home.

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Sippy cup

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Does anybody here still go to Starbucks (if ever) after their whole "homeless nigger" resocialization training snafu? Not me.

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