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We've reached peak stupid.

[–] fuck_reddits_feefees 0 points 18 points (+18|-0) ago 

Or peak troll. I can't tell either.

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After a quick look at twitter I'm also now unsure if it's a dude...

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Peak troll, yeah!

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Its more like peak stupid has eclipsed peak troll.

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you can never reach peak stupid it acts like a Asymptote and can never reach zero. There is a limitless amount of stupid.

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She's not very pretty

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You misunderstand. Due to communism the cost of dates has shot through the roof and she's listing an advertisement for the sale of the dates from the date farm.

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Well, he's a man so...


this is a really good point that i will highlight. people are fine with transness so long as trans people do not materially improve their lives during or after transitioning

like i'm a different kind of gay from the high femme gay, i'm not particularly in it for the lipstick or lace, but like you bet your ass i want to scream at men who try to explain sports statistics to me, like any good Sports Gay has to do

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According to VORP Lebron should have been MVP instead of Harden.

Lebron also didn't choke on a bag of dicks in the playoffs like Harden did.

I bet that faggot piece of shit knew neither of those things.

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She's not very pretty

You do not have a very firm grasp of your heterosexuality.

Thats not a "she", thats a fucking fag you blind idiot.

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With that face?

She'd be lucky to get a man that makes 2 figures.

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Should have read: Tall thot. Looking for Alpha communist with established state control. Corruption is a must. Maybe we can find our kink together.

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Maybe we can hook her up with that Obama guy that caught with the meth, shoe dildo, and string tied to his dick.

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What is the communist equivalent of making six figures? Maybe "will only date party member above the rank of gulag enforcer"?

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So, you're a whore?

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She needs a rich guy to pay her psychiatry bills.

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And so this dumb bitch inadvertently hits the critical issue with communism. It's redistribution of wealth for OTHER people, so long as you are personally still on top

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