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The centrist's position is not determined by his own examination of evidence or arguments but rather by other's position.

A coward

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I wind up being considered a centrist on most of those political tests simply because I don't conform my ideals to either side of the spectrum.

It's not that I don't make my own decisions about issues or have strong convictions, just that my strong convictions don't fully line up with those of the extreme left or right.

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Your "strong convictions" are what the left was for 20 years ago.

You believe what you believe because 20 years ago a leftist school teacher taught you to believe it, though you probably don't realize it. You probably even think you somehow came to those beliefs on your own.

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It might just be the horrible questions, which I find unable to answer because of the assumptions and ambiguities they contain. They might be designed to guide you down a garden path to make some sort of disingenuous political point.

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give me some of those tests

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The centrist position is determined by an objective, as much as humanely possible, analysis of available data.... Rightist and leftist are the one being influenced by other's position, a bunch non thinking sheep. If that's not the case, well I don't know what I am but I'm neither right or left, ideology are the death of one's mind and free thinking capacity.... if you ever had any, to begin with. pro-tip; most people don't.

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I've met rightist and lefists having seperate radical positions (as a fixed point irrespective of society)

I haven't met any centrists so. Not a single one. I posit all centrists are what you call most right and left being. Hell are you a centrist? you could prove it right now or you are you're own pos.

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Every starting position is always alone, and any extremes are later build around it. So centrist's position could never be determined by its own extremes, rather vice versa. Perhaps you have bravely mixed centrist with average...

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centrist is worse than average in all of my observation of them.

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lonely? the society is in the center.

The center is what was 10 minutes ago.

You centrists are defined by your time, not your own ideas.

A centrist of the past was some kind fo monarchist probably not against neither for the inquisition.

In the future a centrist will be as whatever society he is in. wheter it be the USSR boasting about his balanced opinion about gulags or in the USA, boasting about hsi mixed economy shitbag.

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Author's note: In this comic I depicted a caricature of a jew tugging on a rope to bring the left to his side. I am deeply sorry for this gross mischaracterization. A jew would never do manual labour and therefore a jew would never tug on a rope. The comic is meant to be viewed as symbolic only.

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Don't be a faggot by putting someone else's name on your shit.

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There's honestly not even a real point to arguing with them anymore. If there ever was. The jews tactics are polarizing people fairly well enough, anyone with a triple digit IQ can pretty clearly see the writing on the wall, and anyone else is just going to be so much useless chaff to be caught in the war machines.

There's a reason the military used to have a minimum IQ requirement, which many many nonwhites fall short of these days. Which is also the reason why the military used to have a minimum IQ.

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I love how buttblasted people are getting about the Zyklon Ben signature.

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They don't even know I'm the real Zyklon Ben

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You had my upvote at OC.

Also, fuck centrists. They enable the jew.

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gay rights was a jew thing? what the actual fucking fuck?

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it's supposed to be a switch, not a 3DS

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What's the difference?

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3DS is a good handheld system. Switch is a bad system console and bad handheld system

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