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Can't tell if expert troll or serious lol.

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That is the beauty of a well crafted troll, it is impossible to see it as anything but possibly a troll.

They are Schrodinger's Posts. Actively being first a serious and then troll post one instant to the next.

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Yep I like my humour so dry that most people can't decide if its a joke.

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Too perfect, it's certainly an expert troll

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If that thing receives genuine rape threats by anything other than subhuman filth I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

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They consider what you just wrote to be a rape threat.

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If real, who the fuck threatens a train conductor?

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Have you ever seen a nog that was asked to pay the fare? Immediate chimp out.

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Train guy: that's gonna be 2.50 sir

Nog: ......aaaaaaaaand

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.... India

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A rapist.

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Can't argue with that.

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Oldie but goodie.

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He's a Trans Am

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Being a woman and getting unsolicited love to the butt is a given. If you're gonna demand that people treat you as a woman, you take the good with the bad- you can't pick and choose. At least the rapist is warning you first. Go to your exboyfriend's place and sleep with him so that you can have shelter for the night like everyone else, you ain't too good to suck dick for a spot on a couch, you uppity bitch.

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