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Reddit is cancer.

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Newest source of renewable energy: harvesting Orwell's rotational force from his spinning in his grave

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There is much here from "Brave New World" as well: destruction of family and interpersonal bonds with hookup sex & pills for happiness, In the novel, the state raised kids. In the US, parents make heavy use of day care and school, and their role is much reduced.

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sigh "well, we had to shut it down"-t. Jews

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Like digg before it, reddit has become a platform for sleazy advertising niggers.

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In this one isolated case, that may actually be an insult to sleazy advertising niggers.

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Wonder who they advertise to when everyone is leaving, shit is flooded with bots and nobody can make a chain of tought that might lead to wanting a certain product.

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That was Reddit 4 years ago. It's just worse now and more widespread.

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Endless stairway to hell...

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Today I got attacked on reddit by a trans person, when I said that I did not like the concept of social justice in games. After i was downvoted to oblivion, i was pm'ed by some random guy thanking me for speaking up. Honestly this is getting ridiculous.

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Well lol at you for still being on reddit, fag!

But thanks for speaking up.

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Someone must've told some truth about a jew or black.

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Yup. It was a meme about the holohoax.

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See if any of the comments are retrievable under snew.github.com. I like the threads where there are complaints about everything being deleted, which are then deleted.

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