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I spy with my eye.. Not a single white woman!

Edit: Oh shit, I just looked up the "movement". Half of it is literally this kinda crap. https://imgoat.com/uploads/def184ad8f/124930.jpg

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Are you telling me this is real and not put together by pol?

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That's why I looked it up. Could still be started by pol of course, but someone is clearly buying into it.

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This is obviously not real.

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I posted OP's on a fb group I'm on...should be interesting. They are all rabid anti-Trumpers and anything logical.

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Why stop at males? Why not keep all virtuous white people from voting?

Politics has been dominated by whites for too long! Virtuous white people need to stay away from the poles.

White people voting makes POC feel that their vote doesn't matter because they are so vastly outnumbered. By not voting it allows POC the power to elect their government.

Then they can post on social media about how virtuous they are by not voting and giving POC the power to decide elections.

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I will help POC by going to their doors the day before the election! Yes! I will bring ballots and tally their votes so they don't miss work or their 40oz time. And the day of the election, I will do what needs to be done! Carefully and meticulously I will go through the ballots one by one, and throw them into the trash can! Your welcome America!

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The hero we need

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This is pol isnt it? Come on, honestly. Is this real?

If this is real, i hope they carpet bomb the public sphere with this campaign. Fuck it, WE need to spread this. This is just the sort of delusional, self righteous, patronising retardation we need from them to bring us a MAGA landslide of liberal apocalypse proportions in the midterms.

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Plus it halves their voters...

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More like a 45% reduction, but yeah. Democrats are mostly female because most men know better.

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This is good. Soy boys unite to... Play Pokemon or whatever instead of voting.

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Fuck you, niggerfaggot, I'll train my Bulbasaur while I wait in line to vote for MAGA.

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Democrat "men" should definitely sit out the mid terms...

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Repeal 19

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I wait impatiently for the day that that becomes a reality. Hell, a lot of the women in my family don't even vote so it's not like they'd lose anything.

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My wife would gladly give up hers if all the liberal sluts lost theirs.

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Get your mutually assured destruction weapons and send kits to 10 other random people to make their own. Make sure to include instructions they each reproduce the kits and sent them to 10 other people or they will not get the vaccination to your 10.

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There are parts of the Muslim world where women still can't vote, and they're showing women in hijabs like they'd be allowed to vote in the society they'd vote for.

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