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Gated communities are racist

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... but safe.

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Odd how that works... /S

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I think they look dumb. But with all that money on display, it's definitely necessary.

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This needs to trend.

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It will certainly be added to my "Fuck Off Libtard" conversation notes.

"Don't like the wall? Does your house have doors? Locks too?! My god, how can you be so racist?"

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House refugees welcome.

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Mark Zuckerberg should tear the walls down around his property and house all of Hawaii's homeless.

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"I won't be exploited because my virtue hath been signalled" - Dumbfuck liberals

Hopefully some of them actually fall for this and it teaches them a valuable lesson.

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Way back when. A lot of communities In the USA would leave their doors unlocked. I have only heard stories from people visiting the USA from a few years ago.

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I still know plenty of people who leave their doors unlocked. In different states, even.

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My grandparents always did. They didn't want people to think they didn't trust them.

My doors are always locked.

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But save those doorknobs... they come in handy.