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Fun little fact. Jet engines compress the air with a series of blades before it's mixed with fuel and combusted. In one of the stages, compressed air (called bleed air) is pulled from the engine and used for various things. One of these tasks is to supply the aircraft with enough air to breath and keep the plane pressurized. Bleed air is also used for controlling the temperature.

So you know how things heat up when you compress them? Well bleed air is really hot after being compressed, so they send it through radiator like tubing to cool down the compressed air. What do you think will happen when you decompress it? It'll cool down even farther, to a temperature lower than it was originally.

Bleed air has mechanical purposes as well, such as pressurizing the hydraulic systems or starting other engines.

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Bleed air helped me kick a bad coke habit

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I always enjoyed seeing a little water vortex being sucked into the engine after a good rainfall. It's a good reminder to stay the fuck away

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Sure, 2/10.

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a propeller is actually just a rotating wing. the more you knowwwwwwwww

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I barely even read the text. That's just a beautiful airplane. Lancair?

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70+ upvoats for this shit? Really? Too bad OP couldn't work a cat pic into it....Voats server would melt....fucking retards.

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R not tayk dat bak!

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Not only sweating, He also starts shouting!!

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While I understand the humor "ahh we are all gonna die!!!" The reality is that pilots are trained to be very cool under pressure. In many situations the pilots maintain calm radio communication while following the check list provided for any given situation. You can pretty much peek into any aircraft and see a check list tucked into a pocket somewhere. In the scenario the pilot would need to follow the engine shut down procedure followed by an engine restart procedure, assuming there was enough time to do so. Following the check list would assist them in troubleshooting the cause of the failure.

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It entirely depends. The most likely place for an engine out is takeoffs and landings, when the plane is low, slow and changing throttle. We call those critical phases of flight (you can probably guess why). When you have an engine out in those conditions we ususally say "fuck the checklist" and fly the plane without power (gliding) into an off field landing (crash) unless we can make it to a runway.

A good landing is one you walk away from, a great landing is when you can use the plane after it.

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Yep. If a pilot is shouting, he might be mad, but he's not driving a plane that's in trouble.

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He's saying something like "It's hot in here. Who turned the damn fan off?"