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Genitals are not a fair comparison to secondary sexual characteristics. A more accurate comparison would be a very muscular guy in a tank top being checked out by the women. However that wouldn't be considered harassment.

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Genitals are not a fair comparison to secondary sexual characteristics

If we accept this premise, we still arrive at the same conclusion:

Staring at boobs isn't sexual harassment. After all, they were put on display it's not like they're genitals!

Edit: Conversely, if you insist that staring at secondary sexual characteristics is enough to qualify for sexual harassment, just like staring at genitals primary sexual characteristics would be, then the comparison in the comic is fair and valid.

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I agree, there is definitely a double standard and I don't think this should be considered sexual harassment on it's own.

Though women could even stare at bulges in men's pants and it wouldn't be considered harassment, most most probably wouldn't even notice or feel flattered.

I think to a large degree this can be explained by power difference. We don't treat a cat hissing at us the same way as a large dog growling at us or a chihuahua growling and barking at us. And to some degree it's entitlement and hypocrisy, especially if women by and large demand to be treated as equals in the workforce.

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But it wasn't his genitals; it was his pubes, and they are secondary sexual characteristics.

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That's true. lol

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girls suck on both of those so its a valid comparison.

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If a man looks in a window at a naked woman he is arrested for being a peeping tom.

If a woman looks in a window at a naked man he is arrested for indecent exposure.

It's true.

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So you're saying your hand is a primary sex organ?

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"Hey, Julie, my eyes are up here."

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Because you were the "wrong man" those half exposed tits were desired to attract. Not that you'd know, but it doesn't stop them acting like a cunt regardless.

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I've only had one boss that called out the female workers hypocrisy when they would complain about men showing belly or crack when reaching/bending over while working.

He would sit and listen, then remind them that he'd have to send them home too because they show far more at all times. Then he'd go deal with the HR shit storm. He hated female employees, one young attractive chick and productivity tanked and she would heavily encourage it.

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I don't think it counts as harassment if you wear a low-cut top to work and a man notices the cleavage that you deliberately put on display before leaving the house. I love how there are women who'd see themselves as victims in both scenarios. So weak.

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I would have gone with pants with a v neck on the back for my butt.

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A better wording for the title (switches the subjects to trick you into thinking it's about women harassing men):

First case: A classic example of men sexually harassing women.

Second case: A classic example of women being sexually harassed by men.

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Fuck that’s so true. I’m cooked for the day. Goodnight.

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That would of been better! I suck at coming up with titles. tbh I stole my title from a random reddit post. I went looking for the creator of the comic, and stumbled across what I have above.

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I figure every meme and good comic is a sequence of lots of little improvements by random people. I bow to the meme spirits that animate us.

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He didn't even bother with "cleavage".

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