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That could be the second stupidest thing I've read today. I haven't read the stupidest yet.

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Moderate kek.

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If I read anything more stupid than the op’s pic, my head would explode

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I'm sure the required constant dilation that M2F transgenders must do to keep their "vagina" wound open bleeds - but that's not menstruation.

If I cut myself shaving, I'm not having a throat-period.

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It's probably because you're not good enough in life. It's your body saying it's time to end it all. You should listen.

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Or, it's because you have mental issues.

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Great now I'm imagining a fake woman lamenting her sixth period of the month and wishing she had it as easy as a cisgender woman.

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NO. THEY. DONT. Its called depression and mental illness.

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"menstrual illness"

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you a poet

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You can hurt them they won’t report it

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And it's not gay if you beat them up afterwards.

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another reason were not good enough in life

It all comes down to personal feelings of inadequacy doesnt it. Been my hypothesis for a while now.

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Insecurity is the root of all evil has been my position for a long time.. jews are the number one reason i came to this conclusion. The harvey weinsteins of the world who were rejected throughout their life because of their lack of any appeal to the oppisite sex and they do what ever thry can the rest of their life to over come these insecurities... black guys have the oppisite they get all kinds of pussy early because they mature early and have lots of testorone then the rest of their life they becme more and more insecure and they lash out when they realise the adult world doesnt go for their shit unless its the sports world.. anyways just a theory

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Nah dude, jews are just fucked in the head, and so are niggers.

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Hey thats not a bad theory. Great insight man.

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Yea, and normies terrified of being ostracized.

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can't cut it as a guy I mean MAN! so ill be a fucking chick.

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So they pretend-bleed imaginary blood out of their fake snatches once a month?

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The blood coming out of their ass is from infections not menstration.

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they bleed from the open wound they had hacked into their own personal torsos. its definitely not the same thing as having a working uterus.

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"I'll be right back, I have GOT to go get some fresh pads."

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Next on Bill Nye's Butt Stuff Series: Trans girls get periods and anyone who says otherwise is a bad person.

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Trans girls get periods and anyone who says otherwise is a bad person Nazi.


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