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Took me sec, thats a good one.

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Funny cuz true, but horrifying cuz true.

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I still don't get it

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12 boys back to work, lady boys, thailand...

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Bang a Thai, it's definitely a guy

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They don't call it Bangkok for nothing

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Visit Thailand...you WILL get it! ;-)

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Same here but then I was like OMG funny!

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I would like to thank actor Kevin Spacey for making this possible.

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I wonder whether they do this on his home planet of K-PAX?

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"Five Dorrar for Ding-a-ring Tug Time"

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Now you know why all the globalist elites were so concerned about them.
Surprised they didn't attach an additional "Cave flooded cuz climate change" narrative.
Most pumped up MSM shit since muh Russia Collusion/Pissgate.

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Give it time

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I SAID tater hole! Not corn hole!

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I SAID tater hole! Not corn hole!

WTH,cheese lol

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I actually have thought it would be great to visit Thailand, but as a single male, I know my family will give me dirty looks, same for my friends and customs will probably give me hell.

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I know an obese woman who's husband goes to Thailand for months at a time every few years.... says he likes to gamble.... uhuh... nobody beleives him. Who knows what type of disgusting things hes doing.

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How DUMB is she? Makes me wonder what more there is to that story...She can't be dumb, come on.

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Lol, fuck em. You're going to deprive yourself of fun because of what other people think?

Do it. Do it before you get married/old and the chance to be young and carefree disappears forever.

Thailand is the kind of place where a measly 3k will let you live like a KING for a whole fucking month. As much alcohol, jetskis, food and pussy as you can handle. Or you can just hire/buy a bike and travel around the country on some awesome as fuck roads. It really is paradise.

But if you're worried about getting a surprise, there are bars where the ceiling is glass, and the women are dancing above you (without undies) and they have numbers to identify each girl, so you'll know what you're getting. There's not many other places in the world where $20 will get you a hot thai girl for the night (and she'll give you a good morning too).

That said, I've been there 4 times now, and always with my girlfriend/wife, so I'm only going by what my other mates have said, what I've read/researched, and what I've personally seen. I didn't have as much fun as I would have had 'cause I wasn't single, but still, it was a fun and great experience.

However, it's been a while since those days, and now shit is starting to get more expensive, and they're targeting the rich customer base instead, that just wants massages and food... so stay away from typical touristy places like Bangkok and Phuket, and go to lesser known, smaller cities. Or better yet, go to somewhere else like The Philippines or Vietnam.

If someone makes a joke about ladyboys, just roll with it and laugh, they just don't know what they're missing when it comes to places like Thailand.

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Nice. Right? Ahh I don’t need you to agree I just need you to put on those panties. Now I wanna see you cry.

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