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I was noticing that. This guy looks like a psychopath when he talks.

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That's probably because he is

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He sounded like an emotionally arrested idiot. Enough that he thinks he would really convince any other regular person. That's what made it cringe worthy.

It's the kind of thing that a good parent would explain and correct for their child. A terrible liar, of a quality that should never be anywhere near the head of the FBI. He's an embarrassment like the trump balloon over London.

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Which one is bottom left?

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FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok in testimony today

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Ah! Understood.

ETA: a lot scarier, because he's real.

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The guy looks like a fucking psychopath. I hope he hangs for treason

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Pretty sure the Jews learn this look in temple.

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Wait ... Eyes Wide Shut was only partially written when Kubrick died, So that was actually a Kubrick stare by Cruise.

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Kubrick died in March 1999, 6 days after showing a complete cut to the studio. Filming itself was completed by June 1998. So the movie was pretty much a done deal by his death.

ETA: Are you thinking of A.I. ?

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Kubrick had a hand in A.I.?

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The piano player in Eyes Wide Shut, when he was talking to Cruise in the bar, had the best Kubrick Stare.